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3 hours 14 minutes ago

San Andreas 

Just been to see it with my lads.... weak plot, but amazing effects.... meh.... Wanna see mad max.....

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5 hours 40 minutes ago

Chocolate Lover’s Travel Guide 

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6 hours 7 minutes ago

Myth Hunters - Himmler and the Holy Grail 

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6 hours 12 minutes ago

Conspiracy Theorists Will Pretty Much Believe 

No S#!t Study: Scientists Find That Conspiracy Theorists Will Pretty Much Believe Anything You Tell Them NASA faked

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9 hours 4 minutes ago

16 Vintage Photos of Amtrak's Early Years 

The railroad service first opened on May 1, 1971. The Amtrak Turboliner leaving Chicago with the newly-built Sears

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9 hours 19 minutes ago

The importance of the R rating - The Fanboy Perspective 

I thought Planes, Trains and Automobiles would be a funny place to start an editorial like this. This

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9 hours 25 minutes ago

Furniture Design Inspired by Art 

Mondrian (Black & White) When art becomes a sideboard your room acquires an ever more-inspiring atmosphere. The Mondrian

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10 hours 20 minutes ago

Crazy Motorcycle near fatal Crash 

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10 hours 43 minutes ago

BBC - Culture - A brief encounter: The evolving attitudes to beachwear 

An exhibition of 20th Century beachwear reveals how social, sexual and cultural attitudes to bodies have evolved –

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11 hours 16 minutes ago

Most Common Gifts an Escort Receives  

Here is an infographic from a London escort agency called Berkeley Girls (NSFW) which provides data about the

1 Comments • Created by Eavesy • Last post by Flee

14 hours 5 minutes ago

Boat people from Syria and Afghanistan set up migrant camp in Kos, Greece 

Migrants who have arrived from Afghanistan and Syria have turned the popular Greek island of Kos into a

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14 hours 17 minutes ago

World's Greatest Sauvignon Blanc Wines 

Probably everyone tasted Sauvignon Blanc at least once in their life. As it's the most popular and versatile

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17 hours 11 minutes ago

AdBlock Plus secures another court victory in Germany 

AdBlock Plus has successfully defended itself in court for the second time in five weeks. The service prevents

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17 hours 20 minutes ago

Fifa congress opens as sponsor concerns grow over arrests - BBC News 

The annual congress of World football governing body Fifa is due to open despite sponsor concerns over the

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20 hours 15 minutes ago

Student reprimanded for bringing ghost chili to school, giving samples 

A Long Island teen brought one of the world’s hottest chili peppers to school to spice up his

0 Comments • Created by Squirrel

7:15 pm 27/05/2015

Do atoms going through a double slit ‘know’ if they are being observed? 

Wheeler's "delayed choice" gedanken done with single helium atom

0 Comments • Created by marksyzm

3:12 pm 27/05/2015

Stalking Your Friends with Facebook Messenger 

*FyAbfBKXGFpoNU-W0dE MSQ.png (Full Disclosure: I will be starting an internship at Facebook on an unrelated team in

0 Comments • Created by marksyzm

2:16 pm 27/05/2015

Colours of Alpacas 

Here is a chart that shows the various colours of the beautiful animal the alpaca. Alpacas come in

1 Comments • Created by Eavesy • Last post by charlottecampbell

10:39 am 27/05/2015

Tips on How to Clean Your Dog's Leather Collar 

The collar for keeping your dog on the leash is one important accessory. Not just that it serves

0 Comments • Created by melissashade

10:26 am 27/05/2015

15 Of The Most Beautiful Crater Lakes Around The World 

3 Comments • Created by mohit_117 • Last post by marksyzm

10:38 pm 26/05/2015

The history of the viola joke 

Every society has a butt for its jokes. The English have the Irish and the French have the

0 Comments • Created by HariSeldon

10:09 pm 26/05/2015

Honest (and cynical) fortune cookie 

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

8:39 pm 26/05/2015

How Patient Suicide Affects Psychiatrists - The Atlantic 

Mental-health practitioners whose clients kill themselves can face stigma from their colleagues, lawsuits, and a toll on their

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by Flee

8:11 pm 26/05/2015

Captured by Somali Pirates 

When a cargo ship was captured by Somali pirates, its crew faced one desperate choice after another.

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6:01 pm 26/05/2015

Happy B-DAY, dude_in_lv!!!!! 

Show your face, feel some manlove!

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