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4 hours 48 minutes ago

Average of €81 on a night out in Dublin. ($106 USD, £64 GBP) 

The cost of a night out in the capital is now €81 on average - with more than

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8 hours 58 minutes ago

Wrong number texts are even better than real texts 

Wrong number texts are even better than real texts < ::: source ::: >

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9 hours 1 minute ago

Things That Bounce 

Things That Bounce < :: source :: >

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23 hours 25 minutes ago

This year's Burning Man is being livestreamed right now 

Have you been noticing a lot of vacation auto-responders this week? That's because everyone you're trying to email

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7:12 pm 29/08/2014

How The 'Kung Fu Fighting' Melody Came To Represent Asia 

There's a tune that you've probably heard throughout your life. It's nine notes long, and it's almost always

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4:51 pm 29/08/2014

How plagues really work 

The next pandemic will erupt, not from the jungle, but from the disease factories of hospitals, refugee camps

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4:03 pm 29/08/2014

Known Dark Matter Isn’t Enough 

Last time we saw that while alternative gravity models don’t agree with galactic stellar motion and gravitational lensing,

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12:45 pm 29/08/2014

SURPRISE “Hello Kitty” is not a cat 

Globally-popular children’s character “Hello Kitty” turns 40 this year — and with that birthday comes a surprise revelation.

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3:01 am 29/08/2014

What Personal Space? 

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9:48 pm 28/08/2014

Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure (2013) 

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8:54 pm 28/08/2014

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge? | History | Smithsonian 

A new Smithsonian Channel show reveals groundbreaking research that may explain what really went on there

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8:14 pm 28/08/2014

How does Google Maps work? 

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8:05 pm 28/08/2014

The Dark Matter Model Works 

Yesterday we looked at alternative gravitational models (specifically Modified Newtonian Dynamics) as a solution to the problem of

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7:42 pm 28/08/2014


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5:58 pm 28/08/2014

Little boy goes off on his mom for getting pregnant 

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4:15 pm 28/08/2014

Who's In The Office? The American Workday In One Graph 

What is the typical American workday? We take a look at how working hours change according to job

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9:53 am 28/08/2014

Not a snake. 

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7:52 am 28/08/2014

Cat Vs T-Rex 

Cat Vs T-Rex < ::: source ::: >

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7:28 am 28/08/2014

21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts 

Photo credit: Lucas V. Barbosa via Wikimedia Commons Share92.9K Tweet1.7K 896 Reddit19 362 “Let's face it; by and

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9:33 pm 27/08/2014

Want to star in a YouTube video? OK, piss off 

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9:07 pm 27/08/2014

Other Gravitational Models Don’t Work 

Last time we talked about where the problem lies. When we map the distribution of visible mass in

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8:36 pm 27/08/2014

15 Qassam Rockets intercepted At Once By The Iron Dome 

_e9UhLt_J0g This is why I support Israel, there's no excuse for Hamas to be doing this, period

9 Comments • Created by z0phi3l • Last post by tricpe

8:22 pm 27/08/2014

The Evolution of Diet - National Geographic 

Could eating like our ancestors make us healthier?

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8:13 pm 27/08/2014

Music and Mathematics 

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5:22 pm 27/08/2014

Banksy's Mobile Lovers artwork raises £400k for boys' club 

A Banksy artwork that was painted on a wall outside a cash-strapped youth club is sold to a

2 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by dr3n