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4 hours 25 minutes ago

The only Ebola fact you need to know 

1 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by Ram

4 hours 41 minutes ago

George Lucas on threat to movie industriy 

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by Ram

6 hours 55 minutes ago

Hendo Hoverboards kickstarter - World's first REAL hoverboard 

Hendo is introducing the world's first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. We are putting hover technology in

3 Comments • Created by superuser • Last post by Ram

8 hours 11 minutes ago

Costumes to make zombie Einstein proud 

These physics-themed Halloween costume ideas are sure to entertain—and maybe even educate. Terrifying, we know. So you haven’t

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

8 hours 38 minutes ago

Cake Commitments – A Wedding Cake Guide 

Here is an infographic from the wedding idea site called Hitched.co.in that will help you to figure out

2 Comments • Created by Eavesy • Last post by Ram

11 hours 39 minutes ago

No, Doom On You 

good luck with that, champ CRUSH HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by Ram

13 hours 15 minutes ago

Naughty Henry. 

0 Comments • Created by marksyzm

16 hours 53 minutes ago

Candy corn in space 

1 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by Ram

17 hours 6 minutes ago


just amazeeballs... mootV7Iqa34 SpaceEngine: a free space simulation program that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions,

3 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by Ram

17 hours 55 minutes ago

18 Photos Of The Creepiest Vintage Halloween Costumes 

Halloween is around the corner and plenty of people will be trying to come up with the scariest

3 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by DoomOnYou

17 hours 58 minutes ago

TumblOne - A Tumblr Image Crawler 

TumblOne - A Tumblr Image Crawler Description With this little tool you are able to Crawl various Images

0 Comments • Created by mohit_117

18 hours 34 minutes ago

Astronomy Picture of the Day 20141020 

Comet Siding Spring Passes Mars Yesterday, a comet passed very close to Mars. In fact, Comet C/2013 A1

0 Comments • Created by evolution

19 hours 44 minutes ago

Flee Is Dat You...??!!! 

1 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by Squirrel

19 hours 52 minutes ago

If unsure what something is, hit with paw 


1 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by Ram

19 hours 54 minutes ago

Toasted marshmallow shot glasses with Baileys 

I'll take s'more please

0 Comments • Created by Ram

19 hours 55 minutes ago

Two girls taking Katy Perry's underwear off with their teeth 

2 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by Ram

19 hours 57 minutes ago

Great Place To Watch a Movie.. 

Like say Pirates of The Caribbean or Jaws...

0 Comments • Created by Ram

19 hours 58 minutes ago

Tru Dat Yo 

0 Comments • Created by Ram

20 hours 51 seconds ago

The Meowtrix 

0 Comments • Created by Ram

20 hours 13 minutes ago

PLZ Help, Need Advice on Teh Parcelemopez 

Should I send a big packagez: Or, a small one: Lemme kno Thanks !!

9 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by whoamI

20 hours 26 minutes ago

When I am talking to a girl at the bar and her boobs are hanging out. 

When she is looking somewhere else then back at you:

0 Comments • Created by Ram

20 hours 30 minutes ago

She's turns 46 in a month 

3 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by whoamI

20 hours 59 minutes ago

The Universe 

2 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by whoamI

21 hours 41 minutes ago

What The Next Few Years Of Your Life Looks Like... 

1 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by mynameis

22 hours 26 minutes ago

Dartz armored 1,500 hp SUV is literally shocking 

3AxVMIPgdfc aPB1T-V7pKQ Latvia’s Dartz is back with an all-new model for its Prombron brand based on the bones

0 Comments • Created by Ram