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2 hours 27 minutes ago

how to be a moderator! 

I keep searching for a post on how to become a teoti moderator. But I can't find it

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5 hours 58 minutes ago

Climate Science Is Not Settled 

Climate Science Is Not Settled We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy,

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6 hours 12 minutes ago

How to quit like a boss... 

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7 hours 25 minutes ago

The coming era of unlimited and free clean energy 

Futurist Ray Kurzweil notes that solar power has been doubling every two years for the past 30 years,

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8 hours 17 minutes ago

The Infinite Monkey Cage.. 

like totes srsly - if you haven't heard any of the brilliant radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage

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8 hours 30 minutes ago

Stoppelkamp's Astonishing Record 82-Metre Goal 


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8 hours 38 minutes ago

Power of Optics 

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8 hours 54 minutes ago

How YouTube Works 


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9 hours 12 minutes ago

Rare Earth 

About 1.85 billion years ago, in what would come to be known as Sudbury Canada, a 10 kilometer

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10 hours 5 minutes ago

BBC News - Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis 

The discovery of a magnificent tomb in northern Greece, dating to the time of Alexander the Great of

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10 hours 56 minutes ago

Pink Floyd reveals details of new album, The Endless River 

Featuring original recordings from Richard Wright, the band's first new album in 20 years arrives in November.

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11 hours 3 minutes ago

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Find my book and win it. 

With the limited information you can find about me on here I propose you locate my book. It

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12 hours 31 minutes ago

The weekend is over; get to work 

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13 hours 1 minute ago

Circle of Abstract Ritual 

This film took 300,000 photos, riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make.

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14 hours 26 minutes ago

Everyone Can Be Beautiful 

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22 hours 47 minutes ago

Molten Metal Batteries 

So I just read about Molten Metal Batteries: Molten Metal Battery My brain had a run away idea.

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3:53 am 22/09/2014

The Dancing Traffic Light 

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3:05 am 22/09/2014

Timelapse Of Asperatus Clouds Behaving Like Fluid 

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2:12 am 22/09/2014

World's First 3D Printed Car 

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2:01 am 22/09/2014

Time Slice Collages Representing Hours of Passing Time 

Los Angeles-based photographer Dan Marker-Moore captures long periods of time through creative Time Slice photography. Across the course

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11:14 pm 21/09/2014

???? why? tell me why! 

Why is it sooo quiet up in here?

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10:23 pm 21/09/2014

L3.0 The Lonely Robot, Short Film 

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9:42 pm 21/09/2014

How Caffeine Evolved to Help Plants Survive and Help People Wake Up 

Every second, people around the world drink more than 26,000 cups of coffee. And while some of them

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8:44 pm 21/09/2014

Difficult Flatground Tricks 


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7:17 pm 21/09/2014

The New Fish Tank 

Here it is in all it's glory. I got a few pictures of the fish, but they're still

9 Comments • Created by djskitzy • Last post by djskitzy