Welcome to TEOTI - The End Of The Internet. The End Of The Internet is TEOTI - Where Gods live. We are a global community of debaters, not haters. Gamers, not lamers. Sharers, carers, dungaree flarers, TEOTI expands your vision, envibralizes your world.

Reddit is for circle jerking, Facebook is for grannies, kittens and for racist Auntie Alice. TEOTI belongs to the Gods among us. TEOTI will sear your soul and give it back to you with a side of french fires. Stride with us, and be TEOTIAN. Joining is free, leaving is impossible.

Post in a forum, gain points, win cool stuff. Defend your views, share those of others. TEOTI is Anonymous. TEOTI is Liberated. TEOTI is Happening...Now..

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TEOTI - The End Of The Internet