BBCode Help




Makes text bold



Italicises text



Underlines text. See a pattern here?



Allows you to embed a link into the page that automatically decides which format to put it in, and if it doesn't match our automator then it simply creates a link to it.
This can be used to make any video link (youtube, google, facebook, vimeo, flv) into a video embedded in the page.
You can embed audio and flv clips which use a native player, or create thumbnails by linking to images on sites. If you find a thumbnail can't be created and you know it should then use this format: [url=img][/url] or if an flv or mp3 can't be embedded use [url=flv][/url] or [url=mp3][/url].
Flash files can be embedded also - if you find you can't embed them and it just makes a link then use the format: [url=flash][/url] - this technique works nicely with some obscure video sites too.



Use this to embed an entire image. To wrap the image around text (left or right) use the following format: [img=right][/img]



Set the size of the font, 1-7, 7 being largest

Text Color


Use either a hex value or colour name to set the colour of your text i.e. [color=#990000]Text[/color] or [color=darkred]Text[/color] will make your text dark red.

Left Align


Align content to the left

Center Align


Align content to the center

Right Align


Align content to the right

Justify text


Stretch text kerning on each line so it fits the full width of the page. Nice for news articles sometimes. Well, not really.



Quote something someone said. Use this format: [quote=username]this is what the person said[/quote] to put the quoter's name at the top. Can be wrapped in other quotes.



Display html code in a box without parsing it



Display any code in a box in a unicode font without parsing it i.e. javascript, html

Line Through


Put a line through text

Related Link


Create a button with the source link relating to the article posted

Font Family


Set a different font family to the page (doesn't necessarily work on all operating systems - choose web fonts for best results)