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Da Vinci’s 'Codex Atlanticus' Now Available Online

1 comments, 196 views, posted 9:14 am 18/05/2019 in Art & Comics by REALITY
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A tormented man.

Data visualizing company The Visual Agency has recently released a complete digitization of Leonardo da Vinci’s 12-volume, 1,119-page Codex Atlanticus. For the first time, the interactive application allows you to browse through every page, filled with finely-detailed sketches and scribbled notes. Exploring the extraordinary collection is like entering into the mind of the legendary Renaissance artist, engineer, and inventor.

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6:12 pm 18/05/2019


I'll have to try this on my computer later on my phone everything is too fuzzy so I can't see enough detail to make it even worth looking at.

I also hope there's a way to print it I think it'd be really cool to print it on some old looking paper and hand Bond it put it on my bookshelf.

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