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Degenerate art

0 comments, 98 views, posted 8:46 pm 12/07/2020 in Art & Comics by tricpe
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In 1916, a new monthly magazine appeared on the US art scene. Published in New York, The Art World was a deeply conservative if not reactionary affair, announcing its ideological commitments on the cover of its first issue, which featured the highly classicizing motif of a bust of Zeus enclosed within an elaborate triumphal arch.1 There was much about the publication that further underscored those ideological tendencies, including what would become a regular and recurring feature, a section devoted to judging the aesthetic merit of works of art. Among the various categories to which artworks were assigned, which included the great, the clever, and the trivial, the most redolent phrasing was reserved for describing—or perhaps more accurately, decrying—those that were deemed to cling to the lowest rung of the aesthetic ladder, a group composed exclusively of modern works designated as “degenerate art.”

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