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There is really nothing else out there like the Ariel Atom Nomad Tactical. A novice onlooker taking a quick glance might assume it’s just a nicely done one off kit car, but that’s far from the truth. The Nomad is a fully engineered, off-road-capable…missile. You could drive it daily, you could rip it down a fire road.

Powered by a Honda K engine producing 230 HP, the Atom Nomad is capable of 0-60 bursts in just 3.5 seconds and can pull off a quarter mile in 12.5 seconds. All of this from a Honda engine producing what is reliable stock form horsepower. The car has a 6-speed tranny and a limited slip diff, and this model comes with the upgrade clutch option.

The Atom Nomad is no slouch in the handling department. The long travel JRI, remote reservoir shocks soak up bumps effortlessly while at the same time ripping around curves. The shock action is silky smooth and this thing feels like a million bucks, not a warmed over VW based dune buggy.

The Tilton adjustable aluminum pedal box is perfectly placed and is matched with paired Tilton front and rear master cylinders. Pushing fluid through full-length stainless line, the masters actuate quadruple Alcon Motorsport calipers with aggressive pads. This result is an incredible set of brakes that really have monster grip and wonderful feel throughout the range. For the spirited driver, you can rip the hydraulic handbrake

For the long haul, the Nomad is equipped with a 13-gallon fuel tank with twin filters and a Marwal pump.
1750 LBS

0-60mph: ≈3.5 sec • 0-100mph: ≈8 sec
1/4 mile: ≈ ≈12.5 sec • Top Speed: ≈120mph
230 bhp @7500 RPM • 200 lbs/ft torque @4400 RPM


Honda 2.4L i-VTEC (K24Z7)
6-Speed Manual gearbox w/ limited slip differential
Proprietary Intake/Exhaust System
Primary aluminum radiator


LCD back lit digital dash with speed, RPM, temperature, fuel level, odometer, gear position, and shift-light display
Competition master safety switch
Road Lighting Kit Standard
RFID Electronic Immobilizer System (two fobs)
Light Bar (Four Overhead Spots w/Halos)
Warn Winch


Adjustable JRi Dampers w/Remote Reservoirs
Double unequal length fabricated wishbones
Heavy Duty fabricated uprights
Quick Ratio alloy Rack & Pinion
Quick-Release motorsport suede steering wheel
Indirect multi-port grouped fuel injection
Proprietary tuned Hondata engine management

Engine Electric fuel

Continuous flow Marwal fuel pump
Twin Fuel Filters
13 gallon aluminum fuel tank


Alcon Motorsport Four-Piston Calipers
290mm Vented Discs
Tilton Adjustable Aluminum Pedal Box
Tilton Paired Front/Rear Master Cylinders
Full Length Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Performance Pad Friction Material
Alcon Hydraulic Handbrake for Rear


Engineered Jig Utilization
Primary Bronze welds
CNC Component Construction
Laser Cut/Notched
Crew/DOM Low Carbon Steel
Aluminum bulkheads
282 point primary/secondary QC inspection
Powder Coat Finish
Flexible roto-mold toughened polyethylene/composite mix

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