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13 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Awesome Customer Service

3 comments, 425 views, posted 4:50 pm 10/07/2018 in Business by Eavesy
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Here is a useful infographic for business people that will teach you all about things that you need to know about great customer service. Check out these tips to keep you, your staff and your customers happy.

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Flee (10)


11:56 pm 10/07/2018


When I worked in support I would remind people of #4 all the time.

#1 is also very important. Sales makes the customer, support retains the customer.

11:59 pm 10/07/2018


#6, a customer I dealt with ended up locating the home address of the president of the company and mailed him a letter complimenting me. Essentially resulted in a promotion for me.

12:03 am 11/07/2018


For anyone that does ISP support, if you get a super angry person, and you're going to power cycle the modem, tell them for the 1min the modem is unplugged they can yell and scream all they want, but when the minute is up they have to stop. Once the minute is up, let them know and ask if they feel better now. They always do. Nevers fails to end with a happy customer.

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