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Visualizing the Size of Amazon

2 comments, 108 views, posted 10:00 pm 02/07/2020 in Business by REALITY
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5:33 am 03/07/2020


Amazon just have it down good
Case in point, we moved to MN in February, had to order some stuff from different retailers
Anything ordered from Amazon was here in a week, 10 days max
IKEA took 5 weeks to ship out some lamps, local store closed
Micro Center took 4 weeks to ship items after cancelling half the order, local store open but did not have items in stock
Amazon shipped the cancelled MC items in a week
Ashley furniture took 3 and a half months to ship couch and chair, could have ordered the same items from Amazon for about 15% more and had it in a week to 10 days

In my experience if Amazon has it in stock I'll get it within reason, and as of now most items are ship;ping and delivered in 3-4 days

8:06 pm 03/07/2020


We will have two DCs here soon. Everything will be same day shipping!

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