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Brewster church starts rebuilding after 2012 arson 

By K.C. Myers kcmyers@capecodonlin Posted Nov. 25, 2014 @ 2:01 am BREWSTER – Exactly two years

0 Comments • Created by LordViscera

7:14 pm 25/11/2014

How2: Cut Rope in an Emergency 

handy.. especially if your victim is trying to escape and you can't retrieve your knife from their sternum...

0 Comments • Created by dr3n

3:41 pm 25/11/2014

Glock or Beretta? 

I've been asked by a colleague to choose between two handguns. I've never owned a gun so I

10 Comments • Created by aion_z • Last post by DoomOnYou

2:33 pm 25/11/2014

Fun Facts on Flooring 

Here is an interesting infographic offering information about flooring including facts about flooring in the olden days and

0 Comments • Created by Eavesy

1:47 pm 25/11/2014

How To Camouflage Thinning Hair 

Hair loss and thinning hair can be a worst nightmare for both, men and women. Even men are

3 Comments • Created by charlottecampbell • Last post by tricpe

10:41 pm 24/11/2014

Pain. Delivered by Megan Fox. 

3 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by cyvoid

6:09 pm 24/11/2014

Great day for a parade, eh? 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

7:59 pm 23/11/2014

What it Really Feels Like to Get a Vasectomy 

What it Really Feels Like to Get a Vasectomy It will feel like ferret-legging. Not that you’ve ever

2 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by z0phi3l

10:00 pm 22/11/2014

Happy Birthday, Giggles! 

Happy Birthday, Giggles!!

3 Comments • Created by evolution • Last post by mohit_117

7:09 pm 22/11/2014

Cataract Surgery 

I had cataract surgery on Wed the 12th. It was a bit unnerving as I had no idea

5 Comments • Created by LordViscera • Last post by LordViscera

9:42 pm 21/11/2014

TEOTI Room 101 #1 

This is all about what you think is a load of bollocks in the world. 3 people (the

30 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by elsels

8:52 pm 21/11/2014


Can everyone who cares about Golfhack please send him an email telling him to get his hairy butt

5 Comments • Created by djskitzy • Last post by tricpe

5:46 pm 20/11/2014

How to fold the world record paper airplane 


1 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by evolution

1:03 pm 20/11/2014

Alan Partridge Motivational Posters 

back of the net..

0 Comments • Created by dr3n

8:56 pm 19/11/2014

20 Of The Best Top Tips for Life 

0 Comments • Created by dr3n

8:42 pm 19/11/2014

The brain of a serial killer 

3 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by dr3n

4:45 am 19/11/2014


For those interested... I suddenly found myself unemployed when the owner closed my store on a Friday night.

6 Comments • Created by backroom • Last post by elsels

3:37 am 19/11/2014

Happy Birthday, DarkHelmet! 

Happy Birthday, DarkHelmet!

8 Comments • Created by evolution • Last post by DarkHelmet

7:10 am 18/11/2014

Happy day 

mind says move on, Heart says hold on!!!

2 Comments • Created by Redneck75 • Last post by djskitzy

9:07 am 17/11/2014

Read Carefully 

13 November 2014 Deterrence in the Cyber Age Excerpted from: CSIS Global Forecast 2015 Crisis-Opportunity (8.4MB) Deterrence in

2 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by Ram

9:03 am 16/11/2014

Some Interesting Facts 

11 Comments • Created by Ram • Last post by griffin

5:15 am 16/11/2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Advice to a First Grader 

1 Comments • Created by evolution • Last post by Ram

3:57 pm 15/11/2014

The Moan In Competition 

you know how us brits like to have a bit of a good ol' moan now and again?

8 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by dr3n

3:43 pm 15/11/2014

Question Time 

my wife and i were just discussing this and we can't reach a mutual consensus.. so the question

10 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by dr3n

2:39 pm 15/11/2014

Rosetta Scientist Matt Taylor Apologises For 'Offensive' Naked Woman Shirt 

Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor has apologised for the "offensive" shirt he wore earlier this week. Just hours before

8 Comments • Created by mynameis • Last post by mynameis