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21 hours 54 minutes ago

Mature Guy or Insecure Teen? Help! 

Men: are you over 30? Great, now I need your input. Say you know this girl who is

11 Comments • Created by elsels • Last post by elsels

10:26 pm 19/04/2014

Welcome into the world, Jude Antony Elphinstone-Hoadley  

So on Tuesday morning, just minutes before the exact moment the full moon began in the UK, Sara

15 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by elsels

7:32 pm 19/04/2014

The Definitive Stereotype Map Of England, According To Americans 

The Definitive Stereotype Map of England… according to Americans (and BTW, It’s ALL England)

2 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by DoomOnYou

4:40 pm 19/04/2014

Actual Advice Mallard 

Actual Advice Mallard is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photograph of a male wild duck

0 Comments • Created by dr3n

7:26 pm 18/04/2014

Happy Birthday, Waints! 

It's Waints's birthday. Anyone know where he is or what happened to him?

4 Comments • Created by evolution • Last post by Weedenski

2:16 pm 18/04/2014

Cricket Balls to You! 

Hmm, they neglect to show the part where the balls are polished with the bewilderment of foreigners. ATdP82zEW8U

2 Comments • Created by griffin • Last post by dr3n

9:27 am 18/04/2014

Wanna eat for free in first class lounge? 

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by DoomOnYou

7:50 pm 17/04/2014

Vacation suggestion for Wombat Harness 

3 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by Wombat_Harness

7:40 pm 15/04/2014

I think this deserves a thread 

Keep us updated Mark!

5 Comments • Created by mynameis • Last post by Flee

7:22 pm 14/04/2014

Two old ladies flying the airplane for the very first time 

2 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by evolution

10:56 pm 13/04/2014

The issue of compromised passwords can sometimes hit home 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

11:46 am 13/04/2014

Official Tea Colour Chart 

thought this might be handy... im definitely a cuppa cabana type of man, but could also possibly slip

3 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by Flee

7:47 pm 11/04/2014

A Letter From Kurt Vonnegut to Some Students Who Wrote to Him 

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

7:39 am 11/04/2014

Happy Birthday Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee!!  

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear fleeeeee, happy birthday to you!! (sitelogged for

12 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by msobis

6:52 pm 10/04/2014

Password strength (xkcd) 

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

3:19 am 10/04/2014

the whole fandamily 

2 Comments • Created by my69pickup • Last post by my69pickup

3:18 am 10/04/2014

all three kiddos 

0 Comments • Created by my69pickup

3:17 am 10/04/2014

my two oldest. 

Emma and John Junior

0 Comments • Created by my69pickup

3:15 am 10/04/2014

my newest and last child Eva Sofia 

3 Comments • Created by my69pickup • Last post by djskitzy

9:38 am 09/04/2014

Happy Birthday dr3nbo!! 

Happy birthday bruv..... may the stella god smile down, as the ganja god burns up!

9 Comments • Created by djskitzy • Last post by DarkHelmet

10:52 pm 08/04/2014

Wife had him served with divorce papers . . . . . . (OUCH) 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

4:55 pm 08/04/2014

The Spy’s Toolkit: Espionage Gadgets Throughout the Ages [Infographic] 

Everyone loves a good spy gadget. From the childhood days of wearing mirrored sunglasses and writing in invisible

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

4:17 pm 08/04/2014

Happy birthday, REALITY!!! 

HAVE A GREAT ONE!!! What's up, J? Y U no come here no moar? Anybody has any info

3 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by marksyzm

12:58 am 05/04/2014

Why have an ordinary wedding celebration? 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin