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Selfies deadlier than sharks in 2015

3 comments, 790 views, posted 8:51 pm 24/10/2015 in Competitions by thomasslavin
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So far this year, narcissism has killed more people worldwide than Jaws.
If you're keeping score, there have been 12 reported deaths of people trying to take selfies compared with eight reported shark deaths, according to Uproxx. It's only September, so the sharks could still catch up.

Holding a phone at arm's length and snapping a self-portrait is not inherently dangerous, of course. But it can be when you do it on cliffs or in front of rolling locomotives or with loaded guns or next to large carnivorous animals.
Carelessness, a lack of awareness about one's surroundings or simple stupidity often factor in selfie fatalities.

Earlier this month, a Japanese tourist died from head injuries in a fall down stairs while taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal.

In May, a Moscow woman survived a gunshot wound to the head suffered while posing for a selfie. Several Russia children were electrocuted while taking selfies on top of railroad coaches.

In August, a bull gored to death a man taking a selfie during the annual running of the bulls in the town of Villaseca de la Sagra, Spain.

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10:09 am 25/10/2015


Hate them. It was fine until they gave them a name and made some silly craze out of it, but now I do what I can to not do them unless they're nice personal ones because of pricks like Ellen Degeneres and Jonathan Ross. I'd rather give the camera to someone else to hold.

10:11 am 25/10/2015


And the sticks that people use to make videos... Do people actually play back these videos, showing their facial expressions as they trundle through the taj mahal? Pain.

3:30 am 26/10/2015


I'd like to see some of those. Some quality laughs in there I'm sure.

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