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16 hours 26 minutes ago

David Bowie gets annoyed 

He cracks me up

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16 hours 27 minutes ago


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17 hours 25 minutes ago

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer  

never gonna give you up.. never gonna let you go.. just kidding.. surely, you wouldn't fall for it

5 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by DarkHelmet

10:03 pm 27/11/2014

How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner 

Piet Mondrian In this fun series of photos titled Thanksgiving Special, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving

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6:47 pm 27/11/2014

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer 

Hidden camera shooting private showing of The Force Awakens trailer at Disney Studios ahead of official trailer launch.

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5:34 pm 27/11/2014

Unique Ways to Write a Love Song 

Is there a situation when you can’t give your best when communicating with your loved one? Of course

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4:03 pm 27/11/2014


with many, many thanks to our illustrious leader and all of you beautiful people for giving me points

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8:07 pm 26/11/2014

B&W Photo of Belgrade at night 

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10:22 am 26/11/2014

God of Thunder~Supergroup 

kGQVSZgHTtY one of my favorite KISS songs, and these guys tear into it. Really heavy sound, love it!

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4:26 am 26/11/2014

Where to See the Star Wars VII Teaser 

An early 88-second tease of Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be seen in 30 theaters across North

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4:04 am 26/11/2014

I Want You for Rebel Alliance 

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9:36 pm 25/11/2014

Teoti Turkey Day hack #8 - pumpkin pie 

1 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by tomcat025

5:23 pm 25/11/2014

Jurassic World Trailer 

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5:55 am 24/11/2014

The Funeral~SoA Style 


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9:52 pm 23/11/2014


in case you changed your mind kxLoycj4pJY

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1:09 pm 23/11/2014

Murat Tugsuz - Desert Dream AKA Uskudar 

Murat Tugsuz - Desert Dream AKA Uskudar Found this track on the Desert Lounge Vol 4... nice track!

0 Comments • Created by mohit_117

6:14 am 23/11/2014

How Guardians Should Have Ended 

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6:11 pm 22/11/2014


From: edit: changed the youtube link. edit again: another youtube link Changed to Vimeo Another Vimeo The final

9 Comments • Created by mynameis • Last post by Darshu

10:58 am 22/11/2014

How to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce? 

trololol... YwTT8YQFJDQ (it's pronounced wuss-tur-sheer btw..)

8 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by griffin

10:46 am 22/11/2014

Trainspotting - In 60 Seconds 


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6:24 pm 21/11/2014

Elsels!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!  

Mary Had A Little Lamb.. Her Fleece Was White As Snow.. So Mary Shoved Her In The Oven..

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12:03 pm 21/11/2014

Jess Greenberg - Highway to Hell (cover) 


1 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by LordViscera

5:50 pm 20/11/2014

Red: A Kubrick Supercut 

A supercut examining Stanley Kubrick's use of the color red.

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1:59 pm 20/11/2014

Faith No More - Motherfucker 

roll on the new album.. fNCchkQpnxs

4 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by dr3n

6:13 am 20/11/2014

On 'Interstellar,' Love, Time And The Limitless Prison Of Our Cosmos 

An exploration and explanation of the ideas in Chris Nolan’s new movie, a defense of its sincerity, and

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

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