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100 people play pranks on random strangers

1 comments, 1297 views, posted 5:49 am 19/01/2007 in Funny Stuff by dude_in_lv
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100 people play pranks on random strangers

This is a clip from 'Troop of One Hundred', taken from a Japanese comedy/prank show, where a 100 people chase after random strangers and you see their reactions. Totally harmless but their reactions are priceless.

For a translation of what they're shouting (thanks Digg):

- For the 1st and 2nd guys, they shout: "There's a tsunami!!" (tsunami da!)
- For the 3rd guy they shout: "That's the guy!!" (koitsu da!)
- Nothing for the 4th guy
- Last scene: "Watch out!! (danger)" (abunai!)


6:11 am 19/01/2007


PAR. Someone at work downloaded this and passed it around, was goign to try find out where but you bet me to it.

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