Jean-Claude Druncker

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A tormented man.

The embarrassing old soak in this video, stumbling around blind drunk at a major international summit, is unelected President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

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8:04 pm 12/07/2018


I thought at first that the guy was old, then realized he was plastered.

Now you know how Trump got all his intel from all the people he has talked about. See Trump was the dude who was sober at all the parties and shindigs to the rich and famous. He listened to their conversations, watched them and heard their secrets because he was the sober guy.

8:13 pm 12/07/2018


And people wonder why the UK wants to leave this bunch of piss heads !

8:53 pm 12/07/2018


He had a group of handlers but none tooke the whiskey away or locked him in a room out of camera view?

9:06 pm 12/07/2018


dunno when he turned up this morning he got out the car looking pissed as well

9:16 pm 12/07/2018


Quote by baldrick:
And people wonder why the UK wants to leave this bunch of piss heads !

May's white paper is coming along just nicely

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