Hillary Clinton remains the Democrats best chance to defeat Trump in 2020

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She beat Donald J. Trump last time.

At least, by the popular vote.

Can she do it again this time, for real?

Hillary Clinton may be gearing up for a third run for president of the United States. Even as a two-time loser, she could be the Democratic Party’s best chance of ending the Trump presidency.


Wednesday marks the unofficial kickoff of the 2020 presidential contest. Some among the hordes of Democratic aspirants have already started. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Sen. Kamala Harris of California have been stumping in Iowa.

Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont made a nine-state circuit of mid-term campaigning, from Arizona to Florida.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has even been showcasing her DNA test to verify her Native American roots.

But if Clinton gets in, it could all be for naught.

Rumors of a return engagement have been rumbling for weeks, with Clinton’s supporters and former aides stirring the pot.

Then last week in an interview, Clinton was asked:

“Do you want to run again?”

“No, no,” she replied to Kara Swisher, a journalist at Recode, a technology news web site.

Swisher pushed.

“Well, I’d like to be president,” Clinton said.

Being president, she explained, is “work that I feel very well-prepared for having been in the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat in the State Department.”

Clinton went on to detail her august resume of governmental service.

However, she added, she won’t think about a possible run until after the elections.

That would be Wednesday.

Hillary, again?

Before you run screaming into the night, allow me to note:

The voters chose her in 2016. And there’s a lot of interest again.

A report about Clinton’s comments in The Hill, a Washington, D.C.-based political web site, has been shared more than 62,000 times.

Clinton remains the best-known and most accomplished potential Democratic candidate in the nation. She and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, bring immense star power.

There is a greater determination than ever, across the nation, to elect the first women president, thanks to Donald Trump and the Me-Too movement.

And millions of voters — not just diehard Democrats — believe they were robbed in 2016. They crave payback.

A Trump/Clinton rematch would be the riveting political story of the century.

Clinton’s entry into the race would surely scramble the field of presidential candidates.

Sanders, Clinton’s 2016 competitor, is getting old fast; and if the Sanders Revolution couldn’t take out Clinton four two years ago, what’s different now?

Clinton is playing coy, but we’ll know more soon.

On Nov. 18, Bill and Hillary Clinton will launch a nationwide tour of 13 cities, kicking off in Las Vegas.

The show, dubbed “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton,” has been organized by Live Nation.

“From the American presidency to the halls of the Senate and State Department to one of the United States’ most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections, they provide a unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here,” the show’s web site declares.

Bring some long green. Ticket prices will range from $750 to $72 per person, reports Fortune magazine.

If the Clintons pack them in, consider that a valuable gauge of Hillary’s viability.

Does Hillary still sell?

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2:07 am 05/11/2018


It seems the Left still refuse to face the reality that she lost, popular vote never has and never will be a valid way to determine the winner, Trump won and likely will win again in 2020 unless the Dems offer a non shit or corrupt candidate unlike the 4 mentioned in the article

2:38 am 05/11/2018


Oh hell yeah! HILLARY 2020!!#

4:19 am 05/11/2018


I was told to move on from Hillary, that NO ONE thinks she is relevant anymore. Seems as though this is more proof that the thought process doesn't always match the truth. And thus the reason I don't relent.

6:18 pm 05/11/2018


Does Hillary still sell? NO!!!! She never did in the first place, thus she lost.

7:43 pm 05/11/2018


that wasn't the premise, I was told, and I think by YOU! that she is yesterday's news, NO ONE was talking about her anymore and that I should let it go. But sadly, like a venereal disease, she keeps having outbreaks

1:45 pm 06/11/2018


Quote by LordViscera:
that wasn't the premise, I was told, and I think by YOU! that she is yesterday's news, NO ONE was talking about her anymore and that I should let it go. But sadly, like a venereal disease, she keeps having outbreaks

I do think she is yesterday's news. She lost. I don't think she can win. I think she is Trump's best chance of winning again. I think (hope) most people know that.

11:17 pm 06/11/2018


I agree with all that

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