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20 Most Annoying Websites In The World

4 comments, 11998 views, posted 5:07 pm 16/11/2006 in Funny Stuff by Da1King
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#20 Tripod: What is the easiest way to assure you will have an annoying website? Have it hosted on Tripod. Though a wonderful way to learn HTML, the number of pop-ups and banners on Tripod get any Tripod hosted website a space on our top twenty most annoying websites list. In addition to the ad trash, Tripod sites often have a large number of dead links from being abandoned, slower load times, and confusing navigation. Even the Tripod “help sites” created by the company echo with the familiar click of blocked pop-ups, an annoying website pet peeve for many internet users.

#19 Ad Farms: Who wants to browse for content only to find an ad farm with misspelled words, poor grammatical structure, or even worse, no content at all? The truth is; nobody does. Ad farms are annoying websites that junk up the system, even when being used to simply populate a parked domain. Ad farms feel like a cyber cheat and a waste of time. They become even more annoying when the “back” option is disabled, leaving a site visitor the option of either closing the browser and starting over again or using right-click back. After visiting one of these annoying websites, most visitors immediately clean out all the adware they gathered just by browsing in.

#18 Boohbah: A site created for little ones and offered by a popular Public Television children’s program, Boohbah is full of fun sounds and amusing animations. Clearly intended to entertain preschoolers, this annoying website gets at its worst when you click on the little dancing gumdrop characters. If you intend to spend any amount of time here, be sure to turn down your sound and take an aspirin.

#17 Bait and Switch: An entire breed of annoying websites is out there bearing the generic term, “Bait and Switch Redirection.” This technique of moving website visitors like cattle is helpful if your site outgrows its server or moves for another reason, but some unscrupulous webmasters use this method to trick visitors into generating ad revenue or for other hidden agendas. That’s why all bait and switch sites rank #17 on our most annoying websites countdown, though the practice is considered possibly illegal as well as annoying.

#16 Dog: Dog is a website featuring the word “Dog” leashed cleverly to a narrow stump. Dog pants, begs for attention, barks, follows your mouse, and though interesting can be one of the most annoying websites online due to its limitations. Dog has a lot of personality and is very well made, but the point to it isn’t clearly indicated, so a visitor often leaves in frustration.

#15 Mattel’s Everything Girl: Everything Girl is a child-oriented, annoying website created for girls by Mattel. It is designed to be hip, targeted specifically toward preteen girls in the Barbie demographic, but the pixie Pippa who guides you through the site is nothing less than annoying. Any hesitation to perform activities on the site leads to Pippa’s annoying and occasionally rude commentary, making this our fifteenth most annoying website.

#14 Computer Geeks Annoying Site: Number fourteen of our most annoying websites countdown is an offering by Computer Geeks, whose site can be conquered if you’re fast enough and can prevent distraction from confusing you too much. This annoying website is flashy, so if you have trouble dealing with rapid light flux, you may want to skip the Computer Geeks site.

#13 Funny Junk’s Most Annoying Website 2: If you want a little brainless fun, consider Funny Junk’s Most Annoying Webpage 2 , an awesomely bad, saccharin sweet, friendly mini site. Funny Junk is known for hosting the weird, the amusing, the amazing, and the awful. Sometimes, the site seems to loop. Other times, it seems like one of those annoying small-talking folks you run into in the elevator. The only way out is ctrl-alt-del.

#12 Wax Hasslehoff: One of the most unusual annoying websites is the Wax On Wax Hoff site. Introduced to the game by the wisecracking car Kitt from Nightrider, visitors are encouraged to take strips of waxed cloth and wax the hair off David Hasslehoff’s chest. I don’t know what they were thinking, but this annoying website kind of makes you wonder about why people find this sort of thing entertaining.

#11 Bee Dogs: What’s cuter than a dog in a bee costume? An annoying website with seventy-five Bee Dogs. Gina Zyther is the brains behind the buzz with this website full of pictures of dogs in black and yellow stripes and boppers. Dog lovers may actually adore the site, but the reason why it is annoying is there are only a few photos on each page, meaning you have to keep clicking to get through all of the pages.

#10 I Like You: If you’re looking for an ego boost, consider this annoying website from Friendship Land. Friendship Land’s cartoon movie I Like You has a rich salsa beat and a fun monkey troupe ready to entertain. In the spirit of Mr. Rogers, the “I Like You” monkey likes everyone no matter who they are.

#9 Shave My Yeti: Who would have known that Bigfoot was hiding love handles? Shave My Yeti is all the fun you can have with a flash animated razor. With realistic buzzing and shaving sounds as well as an occasional funny noise, Shave My Yeti is a classic annoying website with spunk, and it’s very simple to understand. For more amusement, play fun background music and pretend you’re a barber. He’s too little to shave fun messages into his fur, but a creative stylist can give the Yeti a bikini or poodle cut. Don’t worry. The Yeti is wearing boxers.

#8 Christmas with Chewbacca: This annoying website is perfect for the holidays. With catchy wallpaper portraying fuzzy loveable Chewbacca sporting a Santa cap, visitors will be enchanted by Chewbacca Singing Silent Night. So pour a cup of hot cocoa, turn out the lights, plug in the tree, and let Chewbacca serenade you with this classic brought to life on one of the web’s most thoroughly annoying websites. You can almost smell the fur and candles.

#7 Roger Moore’s Fantabulous Eyebrows: Hazzamon offers us a lovely shrine for those who prefer a more classic bond in the simply annoying website Roger Moore’s Fantabulous Eyebrows. This site plays a repeating melody which can only be described as canned “elevator perfect xylophone”. As the music cascades into your skull, Moore’s eyebrows lift and fall to the beat while his haunting eyes burn in an eternal chlorinated pool water blue. As far as annoying websites come, this one is a sparkling tribute to the Spy and The Saint in all of us.

#6 This Tune is Annoying: For a good example of an annoying website made specifically to crawl on your nerves, consider this looping website portraying a semi-wasted character in blue underpants and a long-sleeved pink pyjama top, with lime green shoes and gloves, dancing between two speakers. You may end up singing This Tune Is Annoying long after you’ve closed your browser.

#5 Hold the Button: Do you have what it takes? Some people definitely do with this annoying website meant to challenge and annoy visitors with its simple request to Hold the Button. How long can you do it without a finger cramp? I wonder how many folks tape their mouse and leave it overnight. Annoying websites like this leave the hand numb and the brain soggy.

#4 Yoga Kitty: Call it a bad joke gone worse, Yoga Kitty can be described as nothing less than an irritating. When I first stumbled onto this annoying website, I thought the guy was serious. Then, I watched all of the Yoga Kitty videos. It is indescribably disturbing, and yet one of the most annoying websites around.

#3 Is It Friday?: If you live with a blonde, or if you have trouble keeping track of which day of the week it is, you can find out if it’s Friday by going to Is it Friday? This site has a simple black background and a to-the-point answer to the question, “Is it Friday?” It’s an annoying website because it doesn’t say anything else except ask that people sponsor its important service.

#2 Badger, Badger, Badger: Badgers, a mushroom, and a wiley snake star in this annoying website that will have you stir crazy once the song goes viral in your brain. Badger, Badger, Badger is a never-ending hoopla of dancing Taxidea Taxus bouncing along to a catchy but addictive tune that doesn’t really have a point except to be one of the most annoying websites today.

#1 The Hamster Dance: The Hamster Dance is one of the very first viral sites in internet history. Now truly a phenomenon this annoying website takes the crown as the very top of the annoying websites, inspiring several clone and wannabe sites along the way. No story about annoying websites would be complete without this entry—the pinnacle of the annoying and addictive, with the catchy theme from Disney’s Robin Hood sped up to a freaky hamster pace.

Dishonorable mentions @ Source (Sorry 10,000 char limit)


6:15 pm 16/11/2006


Some browser hacks/hijacker links in the mix here... but they're too much fun to point out which exactly...

Good Luck newbs!!! baaahahahahahaha!!!!!

6:18 pm 16/11/2006


Simple Suggestion: Read the description BEFORE opening the links!!!

6:46 pm 16/11/2006


How about this for annoying:

Clicky Here

9:01 pm 16/11/2006


Why the hell would I have to close the browser to go back a page if "back" is disabled ? ITS CALLED AN ADRESS BAR, USE IT YOU MORON.

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