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Morgan Freeman, 1971

4 comments, 1845 views, posted 4:24 pm 23/06/2008 in Funny Stuff by aion_z
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Oh, hell yeah...

As Easy Reader (Electric Company)

"The Electric Company," aimed at children ages 7 to 10, was designed to teach basic reading concepts to its young viewers. Skits featuring the show's regulars, cartoons, vignettes, and regular features revolved around sound clusters (such as -ly, sh-, oo-) and punctuation marks. On occasion, a fun song was played with the audience challenged to supply the lyrics during the second sing-through. Through the years, different features were added including "Love of Chair" (1971-1973, a spoof of "Love of Life"), "The Adventures of Letterman" (added in 1972), cartoon segments featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner (1973), and Spider-Man (1974)

(from wikipedia)

I grew up watching reruns of Electric Company and it helped me develop my english.. Little did I know that Easy Reader would become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. I heard Rita Moreno was some kind of award winner as well. Found out only recently (like an hour ago) that even Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder and Joan Rivers have been part of this program. Heh.. all this time.


4:34 pm 23/06/2008


Damn that's some groovetastic hair!!!

6:24 pm 23/06/2008


I recently saw a re-run of the Electric Company, where he was in one of the Spider Man episodes. You could hardly believe its the same guy.

6:56 pm 23/06/2008


I always hated that show, like a rip of off Sesame street but without the sexy snufulupugouses.

7:33 pm 23/06/2008


I remember watching The Electric Company right after Sesame Street ended WAY back in the day, and not the reruns

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