Orange Bean Supremacist

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Google are hiring...

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12:21 pm 15/08/2019


This perfectly encompasses the actual problem at Google and many tech companies
At the end of the day it's all coffee with some external variation and differing quality, but it's all external and superficial, they all think the same, this is a diversity farce, they are still willingly choosing people that think the same, just look different (color) and skill level, but no diversity in thought as in they are just creating a larger left leaning echo chamber, because as we all know, anything that leans right is bad and needs to be exterminated

10:27 pm 15/08/2019


1:31 pm 16/08/2019


Seems like it's predicated on the racist assumption that a person's ethnicity will determine their ideas.

2:24 pm 16/08/2019


If the reason they want diversity isn't diversity of thought, and it's blatantly not, then all that's left is that they want diversity for PR.
I'd be pissed if I knew I was hired so that some twat higher up could say "look how many black people we have" to the press. Just a bean to be counted.

3:26 pm 16/08/2019


Quote by mynameis:
I'd be pissed if I knew I was hired..

or not hired because.

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