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Cambridge University Invents Vegetable-harvesting Robot

4 comments, 215 views, posted 7:02 pm 08/07/2019 in Hardware & Mobile by REALITY
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Crops such as potatoes and wheat have been harvested mechanically at scale for decades, but many other crops have to date resisted automation. Iceberg lettuce is one such crop. Although it is the most common type of lettuce grown in the UK, iceberg is easily damaged and grows relatively flat to the ground, presenting a challenge for robotic harvesters.

The ‘Vegebot’, developed by a team at the University of Cambridge, was initially trained to recognise and harvest iceberg lettuce in a lab setting. It has now been successfully tested in a variety of field conditions in cooperation with G’s Growers, a local fruit and vegetable co-operative.

Although the prototype is nowhere near as fast or efficient as a human worker, it demonstrates how the use of robotics in agriculture might be expanded, even for crops like iceberg lettuce which are particularly challenging to harvest mechanically.

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Edorph (5)


9:45 pm 08/07/2019


People still eat iceberg lettuce?

I can't even recall seeing it at my local grocery store

9:47 pm 08/07/2019


I have 5 in the fridge, they are good for water is

9:47 pm 08/07/2019


Water stores in less space and last longer

9:50 pm 08/07/2019



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