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3 comments, 1355 views, posted 4:52 pm 19/01/2012 in Health by griffonner
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If you are fortunate enough to be relatively young, then it is unlikely that you will have been pressured by your doctor to start taking drugs to reduce cholesterol - that substance that we are told leads to cardia vascular disease ... clogged arteries and early death. (Not by every medician, you understand. Uffe Ravnskov is one famous example of those who dispute this billion dollar drug industry!  However, once you reach a certain age, you'll no doubt have discovered how essential a great many medicians feel it is that you take their drug gunk!

At the same time of course, they're loading products like toothpaste (and even the public water supplies) with Flouride.... that wonder substance that will protect your teeth (probably at the expense of every other part of your body and head!)

And if you by any means should doubt my anti-flouride one man campaign, then take a look at my link at the foot, which clearly tells you that research has linked Flouride to cardia vascular disease ... erm ... you know? ... that thing that cholesterol is supplosed to be responsible for!

Groundbreaking new research has linked sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis that is highly correlated with the #1 killer.

I wonder how much national publicity this'll get?

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5:12 pm 19/01/2012


Quote by griffonner:
I wonder how much national publicity this'll get?


6:23 pm 19/01/2012


Not a very credible source. I note for instance, the advertisement which promises a two day detox will basically cure your herpes.
The site looks like a wack-job's hobby. Example: the assertion that the US government is aware that flouride is basically killing us, and causing mental retardation in our children is not supported by any evidence. I followed the link, through a chain of links going from one article on that site to another, and finally ended up getting dumped at the frontpage of the New York Daily new website. Uh, where the hell did the supporting data/study/link to a government site go to? It looks like there is an underlying link to teh results of a study or other supporting evidence, because the text seems to indicate it, but when you click on it you don't get any such evidence.

The site appears to be dubious, and unbelievable.

6:32 pm 19/01/2012


I'm neither convinced nor impressed by their interpretation of the study. Here's the actual conclusion in the abstract.

Our study demonstrates that vascular calcification and fluoride uptake are significantly correlated in the same arterial territory, although not necessarily overlapping in the same anatomic locations. An increased fluoride uptake in coronary arteries may be associated with an increased cardiovascular risk. Combined anatomic and metabolic imaging with sodium [18F]fluoride PET/CT offers a promising, noninvasive method to evaluate atherosclerosis.

They are suggesting that fluoride uptake can be used as an indicator of increased cardiovascular risk. That's great, because it means they possibly can use it for diagnosing a heart disease. This association does not mean that fluoride is causing said increase.

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