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3:44 am 07/04/2020


Alot of tin foil hat stuff in there. Don't like the anti-Vaxx stuff. I've wondered about if the reaction to this was deliberately over the top (I know 4 people who have had it now, all of them say it wasn't easy, all survived).

I don't know. This guy seems to be a bit too tin-foil-hat to be reliable imo.

11:15 am 07/04/2020


Yes, I have to say it takes a bit of swallowing. However, I think that very often super intuitive people (this guy almost certainly is) get hold of a thread and find themselves unable to stop embroidering. Consequence, somewhere within the narrative lie truths but they are hard to distinguish because of the embroidery.
(*tongue in cheek*) Aren't foil hats now mandatory with the G5 satellites up and running?

1:23 pm 07/04/2020


imagine the JFK conspiracy is true. Wow he really pissed someone off so much that they end his family line.... Slowly.

1:46 pm 07/04/2020


Is this video horribly cut to change his sentences, or just odd lag?

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