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The Broken Economy of Organ Transplants

1 comments, 126 views, posted 9:49 pm 12/08/2020 in Health by tricpe
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4:57 am 13/08/2020


Capitalism in a nut shell at minute 1. After that it is moronic drivel.

Next example, person one who worked their ass off in school, risked what little money they had to create a business and with those profits has earned capital. Person two who didn't do anything... well didn't. Maybe they couldn't... but delaying there gratification will almost always ensure they get the pineapple eventually.

Interlude: Perfect is never achievable. Honestly I think that is a Trojan horse for ignoring the vastly misrepresented point made in the previous point. I have never seen Kobe beef (and had to Goggle the spelling). I have never seen Wagyu beef.

I would love to try them, but the cost is more than what the result of my education and experience can provide in a period of time I am willing to sacrifice for the experience. I track local store sales for $5.99 cuts of good steaks of poor quality I can work with and elevate (Porterhouse, Rib Eye, NY Strip).

Two winters ago I found un-butchered tenderloin for $9.99 a pound. I looked up how to butcher it and made a Beef Wellington with eight filet minions as a follow up.

Sure, the wealthy don't want to be bothered to do that extra work and they have the money to eat what I consider a luxury consistently.

Now organ transplants. A matter of life and death. Should we base it on life style choices? Should we base it on genetic predisposition?

To start, at the current time no one can sell an organ for profit (the extra kidney, a lobe of a liver) or designate a sale price for a heart, lungs, spleen, or colon when they die to endow their dependents. That is illegal (though a discussion on how legalizing it would both help and harm would be an interesting talk)... so capitalism on the 'supply side' is non-existent.

Second, not many people pay cash (as was implied at the video at 2:58). Doctors aren't counting money, hospitals are. If your insurance is willing to pay to keep you alive you live. If not, good luck. (If you are angry at that go watch the Saw franchise. It won't help anything but it may be cathartic)

At 4:00... livers are dividable and regenerative. Hearts are not (and doe quicker). They also compare a dire need for a liver transplant to a minor need for a heart transplant... which is highly deceptive and the language goes by quick.

At 4:23 the video goes into a long explanation of how decisions are made. None of it is based on money, only survive-ability based on the factors of their condition.

Further on 7:30 they start to declare that geographic limitations are unfair after telling us that geographic limitations are crucial to organ viability. They then compare the deep south-east to the tri-state area... and then start to claim that organ supply is imbalanced. Well... do we force those prone to stroke to live in New Jersey?

Then... they bring up Steve Jobs at 9:03. The guy had wealth, it helped save him (for a bit). The loops he had to go through were extraordinary and sure, someone else died in that region because of what he did... yet someone in California lived because Steve Jobs went to Tennessee for his transplant. He went to a more saturated organ donor area which eases stress on the limited donor area he lived in. (then insert the cash for pills... which NEVER HAPPENS. Hospitals bill, pay for a team of surgeons, technicians, nurses. That part is sooooo fake.)

After that... Iran. Iran is where they look to for a guide. Iran. Fucking hell Iran. They entice the poor to sell their organs for money. No explanation of any protections for the donors and the waiting list goes away... Sure.

I find the conclusion amusing. They disassemble their own argument and struggle with the ethics. It strikes me that compelling organ harvesting with compensation to the estate is never mentioned. Hell, even voluntary organ donation with compensation.

Hospitals make $20-$75 thousand for an organ, then add surgery on top. The person the organ came from donated it. they (and those they left behind) get nothing. Allowing living wills that ensure reasonable compensation for the family if the organs are used will drastically increase the supply. I'm a donor (gods help the poor souls). I chose it based on altruism. Would I be happier knowing my kids could be enhanced because of that choice? Hell yes. Why should the hospital that harvests my organs earn more than my kin? If you want to fix the organ donor system start there.

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