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9:05 pm 07/12/2016

December 7, 1941 

Pearl Harbor Available Military Assets: 8 battleships 8 cruisers 30 destroyers 4 submarines 1 USCG Cutter 49 other

0 Comments • Created by MASTERV

7:57 pm 03/12/2016

A Handy History 

Condemned, celebrated, shunned: masturbation has long been an uncomfortable fact of life. Why? The anonymous author of the

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by Quaektem

12:56 am 21/11/2016

On this day — November 20 

Essex Essex was an American whaler from Nantucket, Massachusetts, launched in 1799. While under the command of Captain

0 Comments • Created by MASTERV

11:41 am 19/11/2016

Drain the Mediterranean: Atlantropa 

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

7:41 pm 18/11/2016

The History of the Office... 

3 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by tricpe

1:58 am 18/11/2016

Mayan 'nesting doll pyramid' discovered in Mexico 

Wonder if there is anything inside the inner Pyramid? A third structure has been found within the famous

1 Comments • Created by MASTERV • Last post by Suckapuncha

3:31 pm 10/11/2016

The Edmund Fitzgerald 41st Anniversary 

Today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, click the link and each sub-link will

4 Comments • Created by elsels • Last post by Weedenski

1:38 pm 08/11/2016

Human Population Through Time 

0 Comments • Created by superuser

12:47 pm 02/11/2016

Dia de Los Muertos 

Today November 2nd, is Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of The Dead. In some countries there are

2 Comments • Created by elsels • Last post by elsels

9:25 am 31/10/2016

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick 

loosely put in the History category.

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

5:47 pm 27/10/2016

NAZI Soup Pots 

Making Pots From German Helmets 1946

9 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by Vormid

8:41 pm 25/10/2016

The psychological tricks used to win world war two 

What did the British government learn from Mein Kampf? And how did they deal with the idea of

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by MASTERV

7:38 pm 25/10/2016

King-Killers in America (and the American Who Avenged the King) 

When Charles II regained the throne, he launched a global manhunt for the judges who had sentenced his

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

11:20 am 22/10/2016

Eric Cline | 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed 

1 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by evolution

9:10 am 21/10/2016

England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty. 

October 21 is Trafalgar Day October 21 is Trafalgar Day (wiki), the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

7:51 am 12/10/2016

List Of Reasons For Admission To An Insane Asylum From The Late 1800s 

This list is from West Virginia’s Hospital for the Insane (Weston) aka Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum back in the

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

1:31 pm 06/10/2016

7 Times Technology Almost Destroyed The World 

Got a scary one here that provides information about various times when our planet has almost been ended.

0 Comments • Created by Eavesy

4:04 pm 02/10/2016

On This Day in History 10/2 

1985 Hollywood icon Rock Hudson dies of AIDS On this day in 1985, actor Rock Hudson, 59, becomes

0 Comments • Created by elsels

2:48 am 30/09/2016

1984 Mr.Universe heavyweight class final 

1984 Mr.Universe heavyweight

3 Comments • Created by pachi99 • Last post by REALITY

6:13 am 27/09/2016

Racism in association football... 


3 Comments • Created by pachi99 • Last post by Flee

6:03 pm 25/09/2016

Colorized History (n56k) 

ColorizedHistory is a Reddit subsite where people post manually coloured historical photographs. These are some of the highest

1 Comments • Created by Edorph • Last post by elsels

2:43 pm 23/09/2016

On This Day in History 9/23 

1875- Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time. More on the linky!

0 Comments • Created by elsels

2:38 pm 23/09/2016

History: Operation Baby Lift- Interesting.  

I found this to be quite interesting, I am not sure there is a consensus on whether or

2 Comments • Created by elsels • Last post by elsels

9:51 am 21/09/2016


0 Comments • Created by REALITY

11:08 pm 17/09/2016

How Two American Teens Became Assassins for a Mexican Cartel 

'Wolf Boys,' a new book by Dan Slater, details the bloody rise and fall of two Texas teenagers

0 Comments • Created by djskitzy

11:22 am 15/09/2016

15 September 1940 

15 September 1940 The Battle of Britain Day is the name given to the large-scale aerial battle that

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

11:17 pm 10/09/2016

Greta Friedman, woman kissed in iconic V-J Day photo, dead at 92  

Greta Friedman , who was kissed by a sailor in New York’s Times Square in an iconic picture

0 Comments • Created by MASTERV

1:53 pm 26/08/2016

100 Year History of the National Park Service 

The National Park Service was created 100 years ago on August 25 as part of the Organic Act

0 Comments • Created by evolution

1:57 am 22/08/2016

November 1912 – Eighth Grade Examination 

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

3:19 pm 21/08/2016

Bizarre Victorian Inventions 

If you think that organs and bones crushing corsets were the most bizarre creation of the Victorian era,

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

2:32 am 20/08/2016

The strange reason this 300-year-old shoe was hidden in a wall 

In Britain, ancient artifacts have a way of popping up where you least expect them. King Richard III’s

0 Comments • Created by HariSeldon

7:55 pm 18/08/2016

Bikini Competition in Clacton, Essex, England 

1961...when PC was someone who bomped you on the head with a truncheon

1 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by msobis

2:31 am 18/08/2016

Feck! A history of swearing from the very first F to the 21st C 

1. Cunnilingus and irrumatio – Latin swearing was interestingly different Latin obscenity was in some ways much like

1 Comments • Created by HariSeldon • Last post by griffin

8:30 am 10/08/2016

The Lost Labyrinth of Ancient Egypt 

This I have actually seen, a work beyond words. For if anyone put together the buildings of the

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

11:03 am 07/08/2016

Apocalypse World War 1 | DELIVERANCE TV Mini Series  

2 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by Lurker

6:07 pm 31/07/2016

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower 

I guess he's moving into the Bronze Age! If you haven't watched this guy's videos before, check them

0 Comments • Created by Edorph

7:56 pm 27/07/2016

rare photos 

#31. A politician in the Philippines Reynaldo Dagsa photographs his own assassination. #36. The molten radioactive core after

1 Comments • Created by Rosie • Last post by Flee

9:03 am 22/07/2016

Conquista Del Desierto Part 1 

Conquista Del Desierto Part 1: Why It Happened This article is one of three looking at why one

0 Comments • Created by pachi99

8:43 pm 20/07/2016

History of Europe 1000 AD to present day 

2 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by pachi99

8:56 pm 18/07/2016

Can You Move in Medieval Armour? 

0 Comments • Created by REALITY

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