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Awesome Flags in Human History

1 comments, 255 views, posted 3:09 pm 11/09/2019 in History by Eavesy
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The guys at UK Feather Flags have put together a blog post that offers cool pics of some of the most awesome flags from throughout history. Check out some of the best pics of flags from the past (plus a few current ones).

Most Serene Republic of Venice (697-1797)

Image Source

Isle of Man (13th century-)

Image Source

The Kingdom of Ireland (1542-1800)

Image Source

Burma (1752-1885)

Image Source

State ensign of Siam (1817-1855)

Image Source

Kingdom of Hungary (1867-1918)

Image Source

Republic of Formosa or Republic of Taiwan (1895)

Image Source

See more by clicking the related link below

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