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Enough with the politics, Czech out some photos instead (N56k)

8 comments, 2636 views, posted 4:35 pm 30/06/2016 in Irritating n00b Babble by Edorph
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Inspired by griffin's Vegas photos, so I'm sharing a couple from Prague two weeks ago. The kinds of places you go for many of the same reasons, I'd say! Went there for a bachelor party. No particularly interesting photos I'm afraid, but damn there's too much Brexit on the front page!

Beautiful place, as far as cities go.

We had rented an Airbnb with a terrace with the type of quirky rooftop view you only get in old European cities.

Spent the better part of the afternoons just relaxing in the sun.

At the end of the weekend, I think 7-8 Disney balls were accidentally distributed across the neighbours' roofs.

The backyard was charming! I'm pretty sure there were multiple dead bodies down there. Also, didn't really notice it at the time, but the place is coming apart!

Went to a shooting range.. first time I'd ever held, much less fired, anything bigger than a hand gun. The bruised shoulder was worth it I'm sure we took 100 photos of us just holding guns. Look at this handsome and smart human specimen and his perfect zombie killing stance.

Pretty cool screen capture from a slow motion video.

Self imposed photo prohibition during the evening, of course. But there's fun to be had in Prague, no doubt ;-) Walking out of here on a steady foot was hard.

There was alcohol involved.. apparently, buying a _bottle_ of vodka at the bar is so common that it has a custom tray with slots for mixins. Very exotic, coming from Norway

I stayed behind in Czechia, because I didn't have a return ticket. Went full on tourist mode when the others had left. This is the astronomical clock at the Wenceslas square. The guide said after it was built, the designer was mutilated so he couldn't build another one for someone else.

These dudes chilling on the river... Kinda looks like some sort of amphibious car?

Crossed the famous bridge..

Battled my way through a crowd to touch.... this something, like everyone else. Nothing happened, needs further instructions.

Also, as tradition dictates, I found someone who would borrow me a Honda and spent a day in the countryside.

The scenery is not spectacular in the grandiose sense, like a mountain range or roaring coastline, but rather in a calm and steady sort of way.. hard to explain. It was bliss to just cruise along the wavy wheat fields though.

In the end I found some mountainous places too, towards the German border.

Lots of beautiful, seemingly deserted, buildings, often in totally unexpected places up in the hillsides.

Unfortunately, as the evening drew closer, so did the dark skies.

Soon there seemed to be rainstorms in every direction.

I headed back to a village, had some apple strudel while it poured down.

At this point, I also found a cheap ticket home, and considering the weather forecast, headed straight to the bike rental and airport.

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5:20 pm 30/06/2016


Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend and do some pic posts. Still need to post pics from my trip to newfoundland (and the first viking settlement in North america, long before Columbus) from late 2014

5:22 pm 30/06/2016


Then I shall have multiple batches of +25 ready for you, sir!

5:23 pm 30/06/2016


I took a bunch of pics of the settlement just for you

Mostly just bumps in the gound now tho but they did make a hut with the same methods.

5:26 pm 30/06/2016


5:28 pm 30/06/2016


Brilliant! PAR! What dod you think of their beer, in comparison to Norwegian?

6:08 pm 30/06/2016


Quote by tricpe:
Brilliant! PAR! What did you think of their beer, in comparison to Norwegian?

Absurdly cheap is the first thing that comes to mind I should have written down the better ones, because I honestly can only remember a single name - and that's one I didn't get to try, to boot.. Had it not been for the Germany/Ukraine match, I would have continued a several hour hunt for it: Matroska, apparently brewed at some monastery on the west side of the river. Good reason to revisit Prague, at least
Otherwise, I have to admit I can't recall the exact nuances of their beers.. we were probably just having Urquell or something in that vein most of the time. It was that kind of trip

6:37 pm 30/06/2016


I've been working in Prague, Hradec Kralove and Ostrava for months in 2010-2014. One of the nicest countries you can visit, beer is wonderful and cheap, people is nice, girls are beautiful, Czech guys say Portuguese are better tough :-) In the same job (European Union tech advisor) I worked also in Turkey and Hungary and thereĀ“s no possible comparison between those two and CZ.

6:52 pm 30/06/2016


Ah, you're lucky. Outside the obvious tourist traps, it was quite a relaxing place to be, and I agree the people there were extraordinarily friendly.

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