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Quick news on me.

10 comments, 378 views, posted 11:28 pm 05/12/2017 in Irritating n00b Babble by bytehead
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I have had a tiny stroke.

The only indication that I've had one is that I thought I had a pinched nerve in my right arm. It would go numb, it'd feel like it was flailing around, even though it wasn't moving, or it would flail around. I saw my GP, he thought it was a pinched nerve, and I was awaiting my referral for the neurologist. Then, one week after I noticed it, Thanksgiving, I went to bed, and it was non-stop. Finally, my shoulder started jolting, and that made me decide to hit the ER. Of course, I'm trying to change into clothes, and my ass slides off the bed, and I can't get up, because my right arm isn't working, so Rosie calls the squad, they get me up, and onto the stretcher, then my right arm starts really jumping. They gave me some Versed which actually stopped the issue. Because of the pacemaker, they can't do an MRI, so they do a CT scan. Everything looks good there, no cancer, nothing showing up in the scan. And they put me in stroke protocol.

I see the occupational physical therapist, the physical therapist, and the developmental therapist, and they all said I was fine. Finally see the neurologist on Saturday, and from what they see, which really isn't anything, it's a tiny stroke.

Now I'm on anti seizure medicine. Still can't drive yet, though.

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11:51 pm 05/12/2017


Glad to hear you are doing ok! Lucky you aren't in Canada. Have a stroke and you get your license taken away until you are stroke/seizure free for 1 year

11:54 pm 05/12/2017


I'm awaiting papal dispensation from my neurologist. My GP says that it can take six months here, unless cleared by a neurologist.

11:57 pm 05/12/2017


Sorry to hear that. On a positive note, my grandmother had a small stroke that affected her language center and she bounced right back. Hope you feel better, I'd hate to loose a sparing partner

12:05 am 06/12/2017


Considering I was driving for a week with it before I went to the hospital...

The drugs are working, and I certainly am not really impaired. My typing is a little sloppy with the right hand, and I'm a little more clumsy with my right arm, but I suspect that only close friends would notice the difference.

I also have a new trackball, which is now training me. But it feels good to have a modern, non-broken, clean for longer than every five minutes trackball, even if it was a bit expensive.

12:56 am 06/12/2017


hey man, I'm sorry that happened. Glad you are getting it looked after and hopefully, the effects are temporary if not non-existent. Know how challenging it is to have health issues change the daily routine. I'll keep you and Rosie in my thughts

4:04 am 06/12/2017


That sucks BH, but I am glad it was small and not too many lasting effects. What anti seizure meds did they give you? I never in a million years would have thought that a stroke could begin giving symptoms a week prior, that is scary and extremely interesting.

2:12 pm 06/12/2017


Glad you are doing okay. 

5:36 pm 06/12/2017


Quote by elsels:
What anti seizure meds did they give you?

Keppra. 3 250MG pills, twice a day. What a mouthful with the other pills it is in the morning. I'm pretty sure the stroke happened a week before I hit the hospital.

Not driving is the issue right now, because I know Rosie would rather not do it, but at least I can move her oxygen machine around.

6:08 pm 06/12/2017


Keppra is not bad, not too many side effects. Exhaustion, sleepiness and mental fog are some. There is an extended version both brand and generic that could give you the same 1500mgs once daily. I take 1500 XR. Not being able to drive does suck, probably will only be for 6 months, as long as eegs and scans show no TIA activity. I wish you the best, hope this does not happen again.

12:09 pm 07/12/2017


Hope you make a speedy recovery, Bytehead!

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