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What's the lowest price you will do?

8 comments, 499 views, posted 12:38 am 16/06/2018 in Irritating n00b Babble by Flee
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Fuck right off....

My wife does a fair amount of buying and selling on Facebook. She likes to decorate the house and it is basically a never completed project. She funds this by selling the old stuff. So often she gets comments of "What's the lowest price you will do?". Who opens a negotiation like that? If you want the item for less than the asking price, make a fucking offer.

Does anyone actually post an item for sale like "This is $500, but I'll take $400"? No, they don't.

In summary, show some fucking fortitude and make an offer. Don't be a lazy bitch and ask "What's the lowest price you will do?". It's basically common courtesy in business to open with an offer...

Also, if you shake hands with a limp hand(the dead fish), you should be ashamed of yourself.

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2:58 am 16/06/2018


my answer to that would have been, "What I posted the price as"

8:15 am 16/06/2018


Amount you want them to pay + amount you're willing to haggle = selling price

Then, 'What's the lowest price you will do?' = Amount you want them to pay, less the amount you're willing to haggle.

1:01 pm 16/06/2018


That's exactly what I told my wife, V. When someone asks this, just reply with the asking price.

She always puts stuff up in the formula R noted, but I refuse to reply with a price less the haggle amount. Haggle or don't, it's the buyers choice.

3:17 pm 16/06/2018


my favorite is 'but all I have is £5, would you take that?'

5:20 pm 16/06/2018


Or when you put something up for free and people ask if you'll deliver it....

1:21 pm 17/06/2018


That last one fucks me right off. I'd just say yeah but only as far as my doorstep.

1:34 pm 19/06/2018


"I dont get paid until the end of the month.. can you hold it for me please? And could you deliver??"

when its a used mug that you are selling for 50p....

2:43 pm 19/06/2018


I was always a fan of Last Man Standing when he noted their lay away plan...

And if you want to own this beauty, we have a special thing called a layaway plan.
Now, here's how it works.
You spend few months laying away the money.
And when you have enough, you come on down and buy the gun.

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