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My Job!

4 comments, 228 views, posted 9:23 pm 28/03/2020 in Irritating n00b Babble by MASTERV
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So I have been unhappy with my job for quite a while now. Feeling stuck and underutilized with no growth in ability or within the company. But I am making a boat load of cash with high rent so pulling the plug is not as easy as first assumed. I have tried to move to another department within the company and so far no joy but still got my eyes and ears open for new possibilities.

This Pandemic has put a couple of back to back twists on my outlook and plans for the rest of this year. First, we have been slow for a while now not because of lack of demand but a combination of self imposed road blocks and failings. Coupled with vendor issues. We are way behind and the stress level has went up. I was assuming that we would go into some sort of temp shut down due mostly to lack of parts from our vendors that were shut down. Since I live alone and find my self a bit of a paranoid germephobe about cold and flu these days let alone some shit that can be worse, I prepared and was very much looking forward to being alone and not leaving the house for 30 days.

Instead of shutting down we were given an complete waiver from any state restrictions due to the equipment we produce. Then they took that to an new level yesterday and announced due to being way behind and instead of mandatory over time" they are changing our shift to a "48 hour work week" potentially for the rest of 2020.

Currently my biggest frustration is they hired so many people that instead of taking care of 5-8 products and multi-tasking that keeps me busy all night (love that) I now support only 1-3 products that are lower volume and find my self without anything to do for large portions of every night (hate that). I am being told to work faster and don't charge so many hours to each work order and use overhead in between jobs to now being questioned on why I spend so much time on over head.

So instead of staying home by my self and relaxing while studying with occasional breaks of World of Warcraft, I will be at work risking my health with 50 other people from all over the county (including from Mexico) while attempting to pretend I am busy.

Oh and @ 8 hours of over time per week!

There has to be something more to life than living alone and working at job you are unsatisfied with, making a product that is poorly designed, with a overall purpose of surveillance recon and killing people, instead of improving the world or humanity. If this job or the virus doesn't kill me first I will be looking for a new place and way to live and work next year for sure (if there is an economy left next year)!

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2:40 am 29/03/2020


I am sorry you feel trapped in your current situation. It is not easy and leads to high anxiety, for someone with OCD issues it makes it a thousand times worst. That been said, your last sentence is pretty much what you should be doing. If you are unhappy now in your job, it is not going to change during this crisis. However, as soon as you can, looking for a cheaper place to rent would be priority number one. Once you are in a place where you can afford rent without having to be miserable in your job I think all other things will start to follow and you may not be so bummed, or alone!

Not really sure what to say other than we are uere to listen/read. Hope you stay safe and healthy! Wishing you the very best!

1:50 pm 30/03/2020


Stuck in a rut, something unexpected is required. If you don't put yourself about unexpected things are rarely experienced.

9:26 am 31/03/2020


10:44 am 31/03/2020



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