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Religion vs Practicality

1 comments, 130 views, posted 1:11 pm 15/05/2020 in Irritating n00b Babble by mohit_117
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Good Man di Lantern

I guess, that Muslims want me as their Allah, and I'm rising against them or their planet of Apes.
I have my brain readable by everyone, as an underworld where I'm bring mocked and teased by voices.
I the Matrix, when Neo wakes up in the energy fields... his brain was too connected to the Matrix. That was all the remaining part of the Matrix series to connect with everyone via telepath. Maybe these agents don't want this publicly supported as a knowledge, and I'm that old guy on the bench, watching illusions and getting old due to some heavy pressure in my body.

It's like an old treasure these Indians have and it's their religion. That said, they're draining all the others with whatever is happening is Ramayan. So, someone sad or happy, it's because of a God named Ramayan. Someone who wants to punish this God for all the wrong things happening, it's Ramayan and later finds out that he's a dead guy who died 12,000 years ago.
Africans had a God too, but they didn't name their version of the Ramayan. I don't hate this religion, but I hate how much I'm being hated in India.

Religion comes from text books, and then it comes from Movies, and then reading the text books is boring and watching them act the religion becomes as a normal story. But keeping a normal story as a religion becomes a hatred towards the story about a God to egoistic people. I hate this religion cause they don't support the religion with weed. I got caught with the Matrix when I got told that my brain was readable in 2004. After almost 1 year I reached recovery from the shock dosage and I was back home.

Later in 2010, a voices shouted loudly and called me a whore. It kept calling me that until 2016. January 2016, this voice stopped shouting at me and has a team of voices mocking me and teasing me. This voice might be a muslim bollywood musician, who's impersonating as a Hindu Sage/Sadhu. And this voice was not only in India, it was everywhere I travelled. Last year it told me to stop in Rome and not go to Canada. I had a hopping flight. I didn't have the European visa, and my family didn't know I was travelling to Canada. I told them about my trip at the airport. These days he's just murmuring something and I only partly understand what he's saying.

I wake up in the Morning to be either teased by a weed smoking friend's voice (artificially created by these voice people), or some women I didn't know about. I'm teased by voices and visuals against anything I have or will want to have in my life. It's like a dementor, who doesn't want you to be happy and will drain all your happiness too! I'm also divided into two. As if my twin brother is connected with me. I got this parcel tongue... It's like something I say while I'm thinking about something else. I see Matrix as a drug abuse movie. While Harry Potter as a friendly world going wrong due to some Voldermort or drug abuse. And this Voldermort could be this voice that wants me dead before I find anything useful in life. It's popular a Government against me here, and I might have been working for this Muslim government acting as a Hindu country. And now they've got weapons against my capabilities to interact properly. Their weapons are drugs, brothels, and my anger towards my family.

I didn't know this drug addict friend, who has become the ruler of the underground Bollywood where I suffer with voices. He was a friend back in my college times, and now everyone including my family tease me. If I'm trying to work on something, voices will say talk his name out! I'm listening to a Musical track, his voice will be involved in the background of the music. It's like a war against Hippies in India. Indians religion must not be harmed when Krishna talks about a finger upwards, and it's Nepal for Uttar Pradesh. Hippies did go to Nepal, and they did smoke weed. There's a movie about it in Bollywood, but Indians hate Nepal and hippies. Just because the plant growing there in Nepal is never sold to India, only the resin of the plant called hash.

Ramayan suggests the best drug is a drink. And Indians got bhang as food poisoning. Nepali hash is to be smoked, while it can also be a weapon to kill when boiled in milk or food. Very Alien sort of arrival of death I felt when I drank this myself. Cause hash goes stale after some time. And boiling it for food! I recovered by Alcohol I hope, cause I was both drunk on alcohol and had a cup of this poison. Don't remember what happened that night. Next day, I was alright. Seeing this death, I always feel I should stop doing drugs and talk to people. As much as I can. Cause since 2004, I've always wanted to be normal. Thought maybe drugs will help me get my brain back. Kept planning an exit out of India and now this virus has left me with no planning for an abroad settlement and I'll have to talk about whatever I can online. I live alone and surrounded by voices and so ignoring these voices help, although maybe they're also alright to tease me to get all this information out of me.

I'm not sure why I'm being planned or predicted as my life goes, although I might be able to talk wisely with people rather than being an introvert. I'm an introvert cause I usually talk with my head with everyone, or just crack jokes in my head. These jokes are so funny while thinking about a happy thought and adding a joke to it. Sometimes, laughing with sadness can also be alright. Thinking about some sad thing, and then finding a funny way to think about it is also helpful.

This virus somehow looks like the Avenger's movie, when they say that Thanos erased half of the planet. If I'm Hulk, this voice tells me to smoke the Moroccan Hash (yellow hash). If I'm the Vision from Avengers, it's the infinity stone in my head first to kill me when I'm day dreaming under an illusion with it. The killing is just a threatened knowledge I receive that I shouldn't be doing drugs. Drugs don't kill, addiction does.
This stone is also popular in the Limitless movie. The drug the guy takes makes him wiser... I only found illusions with this hash for about a minutes or two.

Quote by flee:
Are these voices "real" or just a metaphor in your writing?

These Voices are real!
Imagine a real illusional magical living right under everyone's nose.
In this world, muggles are wizards too, although just they cannot do anything to weed.
Weed is the magical drug that can be changed. It's called as grass. It's got lots of strains, as in the wand.
This wand has healing properties for people who can do something with it. Same is with outputs of this weed, as in resin, drink etc.

Humans growing, and the plant itself growing naturally to be found, and africans found it first I guess, then Indians and then Americans, and next are the Chinese race. Chinese don't want it cause then Americans will become Arabs/Indian/brown-skinned people, and India will become africans, and Chinese will become Nepali.

The drug race among these people is that it's not food, while Indian religion talks about it as food. A corruption in religion to become ramayan who hasn't allowed anyone a wife or his kids. His drug might be in Canada, and India wants no weed, just to keep this religion as a treasure. I'm hated since my birth because I might be a prophecy. I learn from movies, although magical world needs friends in a magical school, I got voices and am alone. I was sleeping in the school.. didn't know my brain could be read.
Ramayan as a RAM, shows that his brother is sleeping, while later also shows that his enemy's brother is sleeping. Enemy's brother is woken by people via food and music. His brother is woken by a special plant's drink/smoke that's found in the Himalayas.

As for the voices, they've been around since 2010. They made me stop watching tv, and I got lonely. Family fights and quarrels to why this is happening to me only. It's like british only taught English in India, and India is still under a Muslim rule. Secular is not quite right, they are lots of Muslim growth in India. These voices can only read my brain, and they've always been mocking me.

Even my friends and family tease me, cause they don't want to be part of a losing religion or party. Only my mom and dad support me. I've been to psychiatrists and a mental hospital although nothing has helped. These voices are really strict about not letting me talk any sense, and for that they need this Moroccan hash: It's from a Muslim country, morocco.
With this hash, all the rock I'm listening to is about porn and sex. No meaning to it. Cause I guess, american and european population don't want Indians to bark like dogs at them. Indians can do this the way I see these voices tease me with my american rock music and western music.

It's as if they'll be underground to what I talk about, and control what I say. They desperately want my to smoke this hash in nepal.
Teased me so much, that I'm listening to crying bollywood right now. I used to love rock songs, and deep house tracks. These voices need attention from a me. Sometimes they're fighting with each other, as if who controls the remote for this channel.
This Corona virus is nothing but the tiredness I feel due to some magical stuff hurting me. It's the offered food poison, that I find that's done this. Also, this tiredness started after 2018. I got this track that talks about me directly. It's a bollywood track and I might have found some help due to this track. It's in hindi, although it talks about my boarding school (Scindia), and Canada. My family's already heard it but they're not admitting to it.
It's as if lots of invitation letters sent to me, and not allowed to read any invitation to this magical school. So, busy doing underground work, as in looking forward to go to Canada to get that echo, and that echo will get me water and health back in India. Although no one there is confirming they have this so called strain that echoes. For that I hope I could stay in Canada for more than a month, although the lockdown opens for tourists next year I guess. So hoping to go to Goa, guessing there's a hippie war going on and I should trust bollywood to allow me help. Although these cowdung people in Gurgaon want me to make a porn movie there in Goa, and I was already told not to visit Goa. Something wrong there. I've been told it's got good and bad things, so while I'm going there for something good, something bad might happen. So, talking here and on twitter.


2:46 pm 15/05/2020


Are these voices "real" or just a metaphor in your writing?

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