Where's the drugs Lucius???

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Black Dildo Disco Ninja

When I was at high school, I was caught lying when a locker check confirmed that it was I who was in possession of a missing science lab microscope. I cannot recall exactly why I decided to steal it but we had looked at cheek cells through the microscopes that morning and I had read that sperm looks like tadpoles through a microscope a few weeks before so it does not take a mental giant to work out my intentions. When I was presented to the principal, he told me something that I have never forgotten; "there are only two kinds of people in the world, those with honour and those without. All other differences mean nothing."

If someone I knew, say for example someone who once told me "If they lined up every guy in Adelaide, I would be in the top five best lookingest", was to come to me and say "David, I have to have another project designed for my boss by next week. Will you please do it for me as I am incapable" and I was to reply "I am sorry, that amount of work would take many days" and then they were to say "Please, I know it is a lot of work and this is the fourth time but I am desperate and need to appear competent to my boss, I will pay you in drugs (for example)" and I was to agree to the arrangement and the amount and stay up two nights working on his project so that he can pretend to not be useless to his boss, you would expect them to keep to their word. No?

In honour of all those that give their word, for example, to 'come around tomorrow night with the agreed payment for work rendered' then disappear, nuke calls and ditch you from their facebook list (Bahaha®), I present this limited edition T-Shirt with no markup. Purchase one before they are deleted!
Each shirt comes with it's very own miniature life size Lucius Doll.


From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 10.31am
I am getting your website banned as we speak.

From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 10.39am
ur website will b shut down.

From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 10.45am
I hav already spoken to my dad who is a hells angel about u so i suggest if u dnt want 5 hells angels knocking on ur door and beating the shit out of u and breaking everything u own i wld back away.

From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 11.02am
the hells angels dnt give a shit about police. u have until wednesday or u will hav people at ur door thurs nite, it wont matter if ur not home.

From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 11.05am
the hells angels wont care if your son is there. u hav til wed

From: Lucius Thaller Mon 5.1.2009 11.16am
I wldnt fuck with me i am the wrong person and i say this with fear for ur safety as u are gong to get hurt. Wed.


2:18 pm 05/02/2009


I'm still trying to work this site out.

Are they allowed to pay out these people? It's an Aussie location too.

2:23 pm 05/02/2009


"Please, I know it is a lot of work and this is the fourth time but I am desperate and need to appear competent to my boss, I will pay you in drugs (for example)" and I was to agree to the arrangement

What kind of "FUCKWIT" would continue any kind of conversation beyond telling the dickhead to take a flying fuck?

2:33 pm 05/02/2009


I know...plus all the links and that appear to be true.
I dunno...I'll just keep guessing.

3:14 pm 05/02/2009


WOW. The author of this site has some serious jealousy issues.

I thought it was a revenge site, but i was wrong.

3:17 pm 05/02/2009


BUt I agree with this guys son.

2001 A Space Odyssey

"This movie is so boring. I would rather be staring at the wall and holding my breath for two hours."


On having homosexuality explained

"That's gross. Not the bit about girls kissing girls though, that's pretty good."


3:43 pm 05/02/2009


It's a freaken weird website...but all quotes and content are quite witty and cleverly written.

Dunno...was one of those random ones I came across from a link to a link....blah blah blah I'm a dirty tramp and I'm off to bed.

3:57 pm 05/02/2009


Read 'Party in Apartment 3' freaking funny!

4:03 pm 05/02/2009


ahh....so that's where it came from...


4:06 pm 05/02/2009


wow, totally missed that thread too!

2:49 am 18/02/2009


did anybody catch when the guy posted that people had broken into his house and wreck everything just after that post?

3:19 am 18/02/2009


no??? got a linky for that?

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