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tricpe's childhood revisited (a.k.a. God among mortals)

7 comments, 3426 views, posted 8:43 pm 17/01/2013 in Journals by tricpe
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OK, I have a confession to make! I know most of you believe that my body is 32 years old, and you are correct. However, I was actually born some 2500 years ago at Mt. Olympus, which was then (as it is now!) a part of Greece. After several millennia, I decided to go back to revisit my childhood, which I did back in September 2012 (by the human counting of the Time)...

Like every God, I have my duties and responsibilities. One of them is to help poor old Apollo come out from Poseydon's realm after a night of heavy drinking and make him chase the Sun...

(The Earthlings were pleased!)

He was OK after a while!

Putting on special goggles that protect mere mortals from my exquisit vision

This is the path that I used to take to the school every day!

My old back yard!

There was a lot of dust back home


Probably the shortest stream you've ever seen! I remember it was longer, but then again, I was not so big as I am now!

My childhood's playground, some 2500 people could come and see me play

One of the Muses in my friendly hug

Eros, the God of Love, in all His glory!

Explaining the flight mechanics to the Muses

Just an imitation is the best the Muse could hope to

Muse (Ahhh, women) was having troubles with her high heels, so I came to the rescue

The Muse beside the tree where I measured my height and... hmm... you know!

Due to the angle of the camera, it appears that Eros is shorter than the column. The opposite is the case

I became kinda sad that I haven't visited so long!

Apollo hiding behind Mt. Olympus

Aparently, Artemis is a drunkard too!

She got better quick!

That bastard Apollo photobombed me the next day!

Nothing like enjoying the pint after a hard day's work!

New age Religion and their temples


Mt. Olympus

Among the mortals

My writing in the sand is still there! After 2500 years, can you believe that!

Peace, humans!

God SuperPower: Flying Speedo!

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9:07 pm 17/01/2013


lmao, they're brilliant pics dude... you're a legend...

(a sneaky whack of the reset button would help, mr marky mark)

9:15 pm 17/01/2013


Thanks for bringing some tourism money to Greece. They need all the help they can get. BTW, I enjoy your posts immensely. I consider you to be one of the top contributors to this community, not only in quantity but quality as well.

9:37 pm 17/01/2013


Awesome pics and story

10:08 pm 17/01/2013


There are only two gods, and neither dress like that!

11:06 pm 17/01/2013


Looks like a blast! You look crazy as hell in the bloodhound gang photo Great share!

12:04 am 18/01/2013


Teotastic share!

10:56 am 18/01/2013


Ewww.... So pale and freaky

Awesome post nonetheless. You get all my points for today.
Well done, well thought

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