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UK, brace yourself...

2 comments, 4177 views, posted 1:51 pm 31/10/2015 in Journals by tricpe
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...because winter is coming teh tricpe is cumming!

I'll be in London December 1st to 9th, so if anyone wants to meet for a beer or ten, please let me know*.

I'll also be in Manchester this coming weekend, but I don't think I'll have the time for anything, because I wanna visit a friend of mine that I worked with in Switzerland. We'll see Utd. match and probably Spectre. This will only be Friday - Sunday.

In other news, I was fired yesterday because my company has nothing to offer me from december, but with not used holidays I'll "work" for them until mid-january, more or less. After that I'm unemployed Oh, well... F♥ck it!

*) disclaimer: may contain traces of speedo

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9:25 am 01/11/2015


Oxford it is! I'll let woy know the date and everything once I'm in London.

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