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Trains and fjords (N56k)

10 comments, 3655 views, posted 10:59 pm 07/05/2016 in Journals by Edorph
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Bored, so I'm sharing some more photos. Back in February, a colleague from Australia came to work in Oslo for a few weeks. Oslo is pretty dull in the late winter, so we took the train across the mountain to Bergen and ferried around a bit in the fjords.

Many of the photos are taken through the train window, so apologies for the glare.

The train ride starts out pretty boring, following the valley Hallingdalen.

After a couple of hours, you start climbing and things get more interesting.

The train has its own brew, 'Dresin' brewed by a micro brewery called 'Haandbryggeriet'. Now, I'm not a big fan of public transportation in general... but relaxing at the train like this, good beer, good sights... it's fantastic!

Anway.. the train takes 6 hours and a bit, with the first and last hour being kinda boring. The bit in between is excellent though!

Fun fact, this is where they filmed the winter scenes in Star Wars episode 5.

Descending again, towards Bergen.

And down at sea level again..

In Bergen, we took the cable car up to Fløien, the hill north-east of Bergen.

The next day, we took the ferry from Gudvangen. The weather didn't look promising at first, but cleared up just as we were departing.

I'm glad we didn't take the bus, seemed like there had been an avalanche across the road every 100 meters.

One of the small villages along the fjord.

More mountains..

Picking up some passengers in another village..

Continuing on towards Flåm.

The nice thing about going here this time of year is the lack of tourists. But there were some that braced the cold. I think we made the right choice to take the slow ferry.. Looks chilly.

Small boat, big mountain..

Aaand onwards..

This place just looked peaceful.

Well.. more of the same.. Good exercise for your scrolling finger.

Near the end of the fjord, the water was almost dead quiet.

And finally we were in Flåm.

From there, we took the Flåm railway back up the hills, and then switched to the train going back to Oslo again.

This train takes around an hour, zigzagging up the mountain side.

Everything looks much nicer in the spring/summer when the waterfalls are roaring and all is green. On the other hand, when the train stops here during summer, 100s of people crowd the platform below the waterfall. This day, it was just us two and a few Russian guys, and the waterfall was completely frozen over.

Last photo, waiting for the train back to Oslo (which wasn't very interesting once the sun had set and all was dark).

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11:36 pm 07/05/2016


Darn we need a reset. PAR

12:58 am 08/05/2016


Thanks Mark! Now I am out again, but it was worth it!

2:26 am 08/05/2016


Over here we go on road trips, Some day I would like to go on your train and boat trip

I am not much of a fan of cold but I would love to see that area in white and ice, then green and wet. beautiful country and great photos.

3:48 am 08/05/2016


Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos! The wife and I spent the next 1/2 hour looking it up on Google maps. Very Interesting.

4:54 am 08/05/2016


Awesome photographs, edorph! Especially P2270057.jpg (the one taken from the cable car). It's amazing the sort of places humans manage to make a living.

2:32 pm 09/05/2016


Thanks all The route is very a quite popular tourist thing called 'Norway in a nutshell' ( Very crowded in the summer season, but very quiet in the winter.

2:44 pm 10/05/2016


How high are the mountains?

3:41 pm 10/05/2016


They're not very high. The highest one in Norway is only 2469m (8100ft). The highest point of the railway between Oslo and Bergen is Finse station at ~1200m (4000ft). The highest peaks along the fjord seem in my photos are all under 1500 meters (~5000ft). They are quite "in your face" in the fjords though, in some cases you can see the face of the mountain all the way from 0m asl to the peak, and I think that makes them look more majestic than they really are (compared to really high mountains, I mean).

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