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3 hour ride, 3 day detour (N56k)

8 comments, 3327 views, posted 4:36 pm 09/07/2016 in Journals by Edorph
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Last Tuesday, I took the bus to the south coast to get my motorbike out of, uh, winter storage. Yeah, I know it's high summer, but I've been busy! Normally the ride back to Oslo is 3-4 hours, but I decided to take some detours, and here are some photos from the trip.

The route was roughly like this, about 1000km (click to see it on MapQuest).

Started out from Arendal (green marker) in Wednesday in beautiful weather.

Straight out of 9 month hibernation, just an oil change and a hose-down, and the trusty steed was as happy as ever!

Enjoying the quiet roads in the forests of south-western Norway.

After a few hours, I stopped at a scenic rest stop at Evje for a coffee break. (It's great sharing my ride reports here, nobody to question how I could possibly use "a few hours" to get from Arendal to Evje, normally 45 minutes )

Had some homemade bread rolls and coffee with my feet dangling above the rapids.

The river, Otra, is the longest river in the region (8th longest nationwide).

With the onset of a sun-burnt nose, I continued on along Otra and the Byglandsfjord in Setesdal.

Another hour or so northwards, I exited west and into the hills. The mountain pass between Setesdal and Suleskard is one of the best I know (I've posted photos from this stretch multiple times before, here on Teoti.)

Of course, I had my usual coffee break at the top of the dam, looking down on the road ahead.

The water level was fairly high at the moment! That means cheap electricity for us city dwellers. I'll dig up the photos from my last times here and compare.

Some high altitude graphiti..

Down towards the tree line again, after the first mountain pass, then back up again towards Lysefjorden.

The tunnel down to Lysebotn.

And the end of the road for today, Lysebotn ('C' in the map).

.. just in time for the Bale vs Ronaldo game at the hostel.

To be continued....

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4:56 pm 09/07/2016


Great scenery! Thanks for the share. Do you have to store your bike that far from where you live?

5:12 pm 09/07/2016


Quote by Weedenski:
Great scenery! Thanks for the share. Do you have to store your bike that far from where you live?

Thanks, Weedenski! I normally rent space for winter storage here in Oslo, but last October it was too cold to ride it back here after I'd visited my parents on the south coast :p So I stored it in their garage, thinking I'd pick it up in the spring, but spring turned to summer before I found the time to go there.

5:42 pm 09/07/2016


Amazing ride

7:04 pm 09/07/2016


Byglandsfjord is not a fjord, right?

Great share, as always! Can't wait for the next episode

BTW, why do you need three hours to get from Arendal to Evje, I normally need 45 minutes!?

7:41 pm 09/07/2016


Thanks, superuser and tricpe

Yeah, in Norway the fjord word is used for things that are not technically fjords (some times even for things that aren't from glaciers). You're quite right about Byglandsfjord! (Fjord#Freshwater_fjords)

Frankly, I'm not sure where those 3 hours went - I do zig-zag a lot, the route on the map is only an estimate of where I think I went

10:52 pm 09/07/2016


God's own country.

4:52 pm 10/07/2016


Norway and Canada look very similar. Would love to visit there in the summer. Not winter though. Get enough of that crap here

6:00 pm 10/07/2016


Norway is just a bit of Canada that stayed behind when the continents split up

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