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3 hour ride, 3 day detour, part 3 (N56k)

5 comments, 4360 views, posted 5:40 pm 10/07/2016 in Journals by Edorph
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Some photos from the last day of my ride home, today crossing the country west to east from Stavanger to Oslo.

Continuation of part 2 here.

Having done the ferry from Stavanger city centre to Tau the evening before, I could get right into the road "Ryfylkeveien" towards Sauda.

Some villages and farms along the way..

Crowded ferry between Hjelmeland and Nesvik.

Winding roads up and down the hillsides. Perfect motorcycle country.

Here's an interesting little cabin. Looks very idyllic at the right angle and focal length...

But alas, a new road runs right nearby, and ruins the idyll. Judging by the price tag, they're trying to sell it at a pre-road price point :-\ (4,000,000 NOK ~= 470,000 USD ... insane).

Hazy, but dry weather this day..

Some pretty waterfalls.. I'd love to see these during snow melt.

Walked all the way up here in full gear to look at that last one

Gaining some altitude again after Sauda ('H' in the map).

Hydro power pipeline running from a dam higher up.

Of course I had to go see the dam as well.

Turned out you could drive across! Very cool.

Aaand some more high lands.. Sauda to Røldal.

This area frequently gets the most snow in all of Norway during winter, hence the oversized indicator sticks.

Some maintenance on one of the dams.

This fluffy fellow trying to sneak up on me.

Fun roads..

How to make even the crappiest service station coffee taste good..

Old roads and old buildings across Haukelifjell.

You know the winter storms are good when you've got to tie down your outhouse.

The last time I came this way, I wasn't aware that the oldest tunnel in Norway can be found somewhere around here. So I made numerous attempts to find it on the old passages, but just when I thought I was one the right way - again a boulder blocked my way :@

I continued on foot for a bit, but found no tunnel. I suspect that it lies benenath the snow, in the distance here:


By this time, it was getting late, and I wasn't even a third of the way home. So I made one last stop..

Then I buckled up, put my serious milage playlist on (only Motorbikin' on repeat), and made full steam toward Oslo.

Luckily the days are long in early July, and I had sunlight all but the last hour.

By midnight I could finally collapse in my own bed after a very long but enjoyable ride home from Arendal. I hope you enjoyed retroactively "tagging along" ;-)

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6:06 pm 10/07/2016


Was that the same sheep?

6:22 pm 10/07/2016


Wouldn't be surprised, the little bugger was persistent once he caught a whiff of fresh bagels

8:13 pm 10/07/2016



8:25 pm 10/07/2016


I was just glad the ones with horns kept their distance

8:38 pm 10/07/2016


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