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Lyngør islands & Telemarks channel (N56k)

5 comments, 4445 views, posted 4:21 pm 31/07/2016 in Journals by Edorph
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A few photos from this week, visiting a friend on an island and driving along the Telemarks channel.

Lyngør is an island village on the south-eastern coast of Norway. Some time ago, it was awarded "best preserved village" or some such, some time in the 90s.

It's mostly a vacation spot for above averagely wealthy people these days, but a friend of mine has a beautiful family home there, going back generations.

The village is spread across 3 islands, and there are no vehicles apart from boats. Narrow, almost over-grown footpaths criss-cross the islands.

I woke up pretty early, and strolled around a bit with my camera while the sun was low and only fishermen were out and about.

My father lived on the islands for a few years in his youth, and several of his cousins still live here.

Straight out to sea.

There are around 100 people living on the islands year-round. The grocery store is across the sound here, with the large floating pier. There is also a post office and a pub, and until 2002, there was an elementary school.

I love my motorcycle, but this morning, I'd have traded it for a sailboat.

My grandfather grew up in the house with the red dinghy. He went lobster fishing in the autumns well into his 80s, and during the fishing season, he'd rent a small hut somewhere around here (which one exactly, I wasn't able to find out).

The next day I went home to my parents, about an hour away from Lyngør. I had to fix up my motorcycle from the little accident last time, and also got to see my nephew again (mini Jaran).

The day thereafter, I headed back towards Oslo, with a couple of detours as usual. This is Åmli, an hour or so inland.

Only around 20C/68F, but blue skies - perfect motorcycling weather.

Hats off to whoever built this thing.

Every nick and scratch from the last trip sanded and polished away - as good as new.

A beach at the lake Nisser. Nisse == Gnome, this valley is called Nissedal, Gnomes' valley. In Norway, Santa Claus is a weird crossbreed between a gnome (think garden gnome) and the jolly old white bearded man from the north pole. Things get weird when you mix pagan/norse myths and christian saints.

Continuing north/east, here from Gautefall toward Drangedal.

I'd like to have a place like this some day.

From the south-east coast, you can actually take a ferry far inland, through Telemarkskanalen. It's part lakes, rivers and dug out channels dating back to the 1800s. It passes by some very scenic places, and 18 water locks up to an elevation of 72m.

(Not my photos.)

I was lucky to drive by some of the locks just as two ferries made their way down. Here from the Ulefoss lock.

Notice the two boats awaiting their turn.. Good weather for waiting at least.

Here's a video I took of it (I sped it up 3x, but you can probably play it even faster.. it's a bit slow still.. )

A bit further down the channel is the Løveid lock.

It's a pretty tight squeeze..

Another boat waiting its turn.

I had some waffles nearby, and when I returned, they were mid-descent. The adults looked a bit stressed, while the kid seemed to enjoy the hell out of it!

If you're very very bored one day, you can watch the whole Telemarks channel voyage here

From there on, the roads were heavenly fun, so I didn't take too many photos, and soon I was back in Oslo again.

The whole route was roughly like this.

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Great pictures and story telling, as usual

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Awesome again Edorph. thanks

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Thanks, guys :-)

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dammit, how did I miss a whole Edorph post? What a country!

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