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Walk in the woods (N56k)

4 comments, 3627 views, posted 2:11 pm 28/05/2017 in Journals by Edorph
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Some photos from a little walk in the woods yesterday, around the lake Avalsjøen about an hour north of Oslo.

Earlier in the week, I got my motorcycle out and also bought a little tail bag for the saddle. I've previously just strapped down a drybag, this one is much more convenient.

I parked at the end of a logging road, and followed the blue markers.

Fantastic weather with a mild breeze, just right for that soul-soothing rustling of the leaves.

Some cabins around the shore, but nobody in sight on my side of the lake.

You know that smell of a pine and spruce that's been roasting on the sun all day? There's an alternative medicine I can get behind.

It's just 3 weeks since the last snowfall.. but spring returned with a vengeance (and thimbleweed).

I walked to the outlet of a river, then out on a small peninsula.

Perhaps you thought I used my new tail-bag to bring some shoes and shorts? No, no, I do my hiking in motorcycle gear. Tbh, it was less than an hour's walk, but it did get nice and toasty.

Christmas present from my brothers that I've been aching to try. It's a Jetboil Minimo, a very compact canister stove (everything is packed inside the pot, canister included). From my experience of exactly 1 pot of lapskaus, I can recommend it.

Phenomenal colours in the evening sun..

Had some coffee and a snooze under a tree.

Then headed back again to the motorcycle as the sun was setting.

Did I mention that the colours were real nice?

Had a good pace back to Oslo via Lillestrøm, and was home before it got completely dark. A nice start to the motorcycle season.

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2:52 pm 28/05/2017


Thank you for sharing, always love the photos you post.

10:37 am 29/05/2017


Am I mistaking, or did you buy a new bike?

1:43 pm 29/05/2017


Nope, it's my same old (t)rusty steed :-) I may buy a new one some day, but I shall keep this one until I die, I suspect. It's our tenth summer together this year! Had a nice yellow parking ticket when I went to work this morning though


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