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Bali, one year ago today

5 comments, 2317 views, posted 10:57 pm 20/06/2018 in Journals by tricpe
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So, after Singapore, we flew to Bali and stayed in a place called Sanur...

The Island - as shown on the airport mural

At the beach
The beach was kinda weird. Tides are rather high and it took us two days before we realised that we had to catch the high tide in order to have a proper swim. Part of the problem is that the 100-200m of the sea from the coast is actually some coral reef, so it's shallow and full of grass (and fish, apparently!)

Kites - some really good designs, really big (2-3m in length)

Although Indonesia is by far a Muslim country, Bali is dominantly Hindu. Every (and I do mean EVERY) house, small shop, supermarket, restaurant has small shrine in front of it, and they give offerings up to three times a day.

The Food was phenomenal - chicken, fish, pork, you name it!


Red snapper

Balinese black rice pudding and Balinese pancakes filled with fresh grated coconut

Passions fruit

Jack fruit (at the trip).

At the hotel

Of about ten days that we were there, we took one day to explore the island. Folks at the hotel have organized us with a driver/guide and we decided to check the Mother Temple - the biggest temple on the island, as well as some other stuff...
(The split represents the split between body and soul)

Big spiders (as big as my hand!)

Rice fields. Above is a volcano, but it was covered in clouds when we were there.

The dress!

Luwak cat - it swallows coffee beans, which are later collected from the feces and processed like a normal coffee.

Get it out of my ear!

The Coffee from the feces

Old school coffee


Last evening

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11:22 pm 20/06/2018


Hahah, I love the facial expressions with the civet Was the coffee any good?

11:23 pm 20/06/2018


and I notice the TEOTI shirt! Great pics thanks for the share PAR

12:11 am 21/06/2018


Excellent! Thanks for sharing man, this thread may have saved the day

9:53 am 21/06/2018


Quote by Edorph:
Hahah, I love the facial expressions with the civet Was the coffee any good?

His fur was tickling my ear, hence the laughter.

We didn't try the coffee there, but we did buy some to bring back home. It's very mild.

1:15 pm 21/06/2018


The food and desserts look fantastic. That looks like a great trip and experience. Thank you for sharing with us!

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