Knocking sound from the wall..

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I've occasionally been hearing a low knocking sound from a wall, near the mains circuit breaker, and couldn't figure out what it was. Thud-thud... thud-thud-thud... thud... thud-thud. Couldn't see anything outside. I rummaged around in the attic, some rodent nesting in the wall perhaps? Then today, while I was shoveling show, I noticed this guy in the utility pole. The impact of his pecking is somehow amplified by the cable causing a sound as if someone is gently knocking on wood inside the house (you can barely hear it in the video, but trust me, it gets to you after a while ). Somehow I've never heard or spotted him when I've been outside trying to find the source of the sound.

Not sure what to do about it, but somehow it's less annoying now that I know it's just the bird

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3:16 pm 18/12/2018


Hopefully Santa brings me a tele zoom this Christmas

3:17 pm 18/12/2018


Wow, i love your window view

3:41 pm 18/12/2018


Thanks, it's a bit gloomy and dark back there usually, but the garden got a nice fluffy winter blanket just in time for the holidays :-)

7:19 pm 18/12/2018


At least you know what the noise is now and i agree with superuser, great view from your window....

11:53 pm 18/12/2018


We have a vast amounts of sparrows at the bottom of our garden and rain

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