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What I feel about the Corona Virus...

5 comments, 248 views, posted 10:02 am 30/03/2020 in Journals by mohit_117
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Good Man di Lantern


I'm at home since a week, and for another 2 weeks. India is under lockdown for 2 more weeks. Thought of discussing my sci-fi point of view regarding this virus...

I am quite posibbly following The Matrix movie series, and need to understand myself as the Awakened One!
(Neo: One, from the POD - Sleeping Awake musc video, and that Keanu Reeves also starred in the Little Buddha)

I also follow Harry Potter Series, to some extent that I see photographs both digital and paper prints as moving (Gifs). As an illusion. 
Not only faces, but all the graphical glyphs, art, text, etc... as a boolean expression. Somehow similar to the Matrix wall when Neo wakes up against the agents.

Regarding the virus, I smoked this Moroccon Hash in Nepal. 
(Mo-Rockon, guess it's about me, not sure)
This has after toking, made me illusionise my face infront of the mirror, and I saw three known faces: First was me, and the other two were my old friends.

I then just tried smoking the hash again in 2018, but didn't smoke it. Just lit it, mixed it with tobacco and flushed it. Since this can also be a russian hash, I found I had teased the Russians somehow, or the Morrocon people. I'm not sure. 
In a hindu text called Hanuman Chalisa, the final verse mentions that hash should be kept as a perfume, and not smoked. That's exactly what I did in Nepal (2018).
That's the Covid-2019 Virus. Covi means a poet in hindi. Covid is I acted as a poet in Nepal. 

With this, the virus also happens to be starting from Wuhan. 

There's this Korean movie called: Jeon Woochi (2009) (


01:12:13,035 --> 01:12:15,503
Who feeds the people
if there is no king?

01:12:16,338 --> 01:12:19,398
- No king?
- Corporate...

01:12:19,541 --> 01:12:21,406
Modern-day merchants.

01:12:21,543 --> 01:12:22,510
They built
all these tall buildings.

01:12:22,644 --> 01:12:24,009
Don't jest with me.

01:12:24,146 --> 01:12:26,410
Merchants are corrupt fiends
by nature.

01:12:26,547 --> 01:12:30,278
Yet you say
they are feeding the people?

01:12:30,618 --> 01:12:33,178
Such a land is destined
for grief and ruin.

01:12:34,922 --> 01:12:37,482
Is this booze as well?

01:12:37,825 --> 01:12:40,293
That is why an exalted man

01:12:40,428 --> 01:12:41,588
came to save us
from our sins.

01:12:41,729 --> 01:12:43,594
Am I that exalted man?

01:12:44,732 --> 01:12:45,994
No, he is Jesus Christ

01:12:46,133 --> 01:12:47,498
He protects us with a power

01:12:47,635 --> 01:12:49,603
unimaginable and unmatched.

01:12:50,137 --> 01:12:53,197
Then why did you not ask
this Jesus instead of me?

01:12:53,641 --> 01:12:54,699
He must have been busy.

01:12:56,043 --> 01:12:58,910
This is the blood of Christ.
The quite tasty blood.

01:12:59,046 --> 01:13:00,411
This is someone's blood?

This is a futuristic Kung-Fu fantasy movie. The above quote suggests that the King is dead, and that now people drink the blood of christ (Wine dispenser). In India, religion talks about King Ram and his story Ramayan. He is considered as a God, and I found him dead 12,000/- years ago. Still, England used to have Kings and Queens, and still follows this political thing of having a King. They have a Muslim Mayor now. And then the musicians. There have been 4-5 deaths around the world, popular musicians ever since I moved to Gurgaon and did drugs here.
Audioslave, Linkin Park, Avicii, and Prodigy. These musicians appear to be talking to me when I listen to their songs. Even Coldplay has left a suicide note of some sort in his latest album: Nepali Flag (Buddha), Kurt Cobains letter talks about this Buddha.

Quote by Swedish House Mafia - Don't worry Child:
There was a time, I used to look into my father's eyes
In a happy home, I was a king I had a golden throne
Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall
I hear the sounds from the places where I was born

I listen to Deep House mostly, it's got these echoes! I started smoking weed in Canada, and their weed had this echo that is not available in India or Asia. The song is sad cause I was happy before 2004. My whole life changed after that shock that my brain can be read... and ever since going downhill. These days I'm being looted out of any happiness I gather for myself and even my family ignores me and blocks me. I drank this marijuana drink and since then I've been going bald, losing my hair out of every mock these voices win. I'm dying here due to food poisoning. It's as if Dementors have been sent to ruin me. Somehow the weather is cold here, I was wearing a jacket yesterday. It shouldn't be this cold during this month. (Dementor's breeding climate, Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Chapter 1)

I don't suggest the virus is because of me, but I need to find a way to settle in Canada before these voices make me completely bald and I get sent to a mental hospital. It's just my anger with family of not telling me anything and still keep me burdened with some trust of money over me. They tease me to mental level and still I'm a sucker for their money while I can easily earn anywhere. And not allowed cause these voices won't let me.

Maybe the virus is real to the Matrix, cause this Moroccon hash sort of suggested that it's the red pill (Morpheus). It's grown in Africa and morphs face and Morpheus was an African. Musicians talk about this plant as Wildflower. Still, I need the echo strain cause the Hindu text also suggests that with the strain (it's actually a name he mentions), a person can defend himself very brightly. The voices will go, if I echo with weed. Also, the health will be restored. I'm dying here. Need to restore everything.

I have loads to tell, although waiting wasn't helping me, so I wrote stuff here...

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6:27 pm 30/03/2020


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9:41 pm 31/03/2020


i knew you were the ONE mohit!

8:49 am 01/04/2020



2:59 pm 17/04/2020


Quote by majorhan:
i knew you were the ONE mohit!

I'm the King!

But not to rule over... just to be happy and be with family! Not interested in Canada anymore, cause it was quite far away, and need to be working under my father's business. Still, if this virus has struck you all so much, then I was hoping to get back to Canada instead of drinking bhang here, cause all that's left of Ramayan is that he mentioned about a marijuana drink. I already drank it but looters want me to try more drugs so that they can loot more of my innocence. I've started hating my own family over this for keeping me alone and not able to talk to anyone.

It's fun to watch people suffer now, cause no one cares at all! I hear music mostly, and they're the ones inviting me to this echo weed strain. My brother suggests I should marry, but I don't have any job! I'll be in a rehab soon if this lockdown doesn't open to allow me back to Canada. Only a joint, and they say it's available as bhang in Nepal. I asked them and they're not selling it. Guess, I have to echo twice with weed to be able to get that bhang drink. They don't even want to talk about their indica strain... maybe it's only allowed for foreign tourists.

I'm the King!

Sort of Terminator story... In future, I'm supposed to oppose against this bhang. This is a food war that can be won with factories of this stuff. Poisoned food...

6:45 pm 17/04/2020


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