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Today's project, gooseberry jelly

5 comments, 112 views, posted 4:21 pm 30/07/2020 in Journals by Edorph
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Goosberries? Red currant? Ribes? These things:

Tons of them this year, great for making jelly!

No need get every little leaf and twig out, like you would with jams. Just chuck everything in a fruit juice steamer, and keep it steaming until the berries look smooshed.

The juices end up in the middle pan, so let it trickle over in another one. Add 750g (!) sugar per litre (and pectin, if the berries are over ripe), and let it boil until the sugar has dissolved.

The jelly test: take a spoonful of the juice and let it cool off for a few minutes in the fridge. Take it out and drag something through. If it stays separated, it's ready. If it doesn't boil a bit more, perhaps add some pectin or more sugar.

Try to get the foam off, the jelly will spoil faster if there's foam in it. Pour into sanitized steaming hot jars, place them upside down while it cools (Anyone knows why? I just do it, if nothing else it'll tell you if the lid's not tight).

Tada! Jelly for the whole winter. And possibly a little diabetes.

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4:36 pm 30/07/2020


Cool stuff!

When my mom makes compote, she pours water over fruit in jars, puts the lid on and boils it like that. When the thing is cooked, it cools off slowly at room temperature and this seals the lid. Jot sure about putting them upside down.

4:56 pm 30/07/2020


Nice, I have not tried making compote yet. My neighbour has plumtrees, so I might trade some jelly and try to make some plum compote

5:18 pm 30/07/2020


You put them upside down to ensure a perfect seal by jamming it up, literally.

Pretty sure those are Redcurrants.

5:57 pm 30/07/2020


Want some! Looks great!

12:17 pm 03/08/2020


It's useful information.

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