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I'm Very Sad Today

15 comments, 2011 views, posted 6:26 pm 03/09/2011 in Journals by djskitzy
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I had some tragic news waiting for me when I woke up this morning. One of the friends I've known for almost 35 years took his own life on Tuesday. He'd always battled with himself, and in the end he lost and just gave up.

We were very good mates at school, always bunkin off class together, and smoking or drinking... he was good lad, one of the old school type...

I'm very sad today... thanks for listening.

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6:29 pm 03/09/2011


So sorry for your loss, dj.

6:30 pm 03/09/2011


My condolences.

6:52 pm 03/09/2011


Wish I was there to help old friend.

7:16 pm 03/09/2011


I'm sorry to hear that. Hug the kids extra close today, you'll feel better.

7:43 pm 03/09/2011


Sorry to hear that Dj. My condolences to his friends and family.

8:59 pm 03/09/2011


Sorry to hear that dj

10:44 pm 03/09/2011


I'm sorry.

11:20 pm 03/09/2011


sorry DJ, losing a friend hits home

11:38 pm 03/09/2011


Sorry for your loss, Deej.

2:37 am 04/09/2011


sorry to hear the news, DJ.

10:15 am 04/09/2011


thanks guys... I'm proper gutted here, even though we hadn't seen each other for while, we we're and will always be genuine mates .... in june just gone, we loosely arranged getting together when we figured out his g/f's mum lives five miles from me. I shoulda made it more than a loose arrangement.... I know I coulda helped him, I used to do it and I always cheered him up....dammit I know he's to blame, he's done the most selfish thing ever, and he's got two kids... reading the FB msgs from his eldest to him is heartbreaking.... The funeral is going to be an experience... most of the people I went to school with I've not laid eyes on since the day I left, and it seems most of them are going to it.... what a way for a reunion to be held.... Connie asked me this morning why I was sad, and hugged me.... kids have it so easy, and know little when it comes to emotions, they wind you up, scream and shout, and have tantrums, but sometimes they know exactly when to hug you...

10:21 am 04/09/2011


Our family used to look after a little girl once a week; my girlfriend had just dumped me & I was pretty blue. The little girl was only a baby but she knew something was up, she kept looking down at me & hugging me. Bless her.

Thoughts are with you Deej, horrible situation.

10:28 am 04/09/2011


A quote from his g/f.... she's at her mums just a few miles away, and in town they have these poeple dressed up and painted like statues, live staues I suppose you'd call them.... they really do look like stone statues until they move and scare ya....

but he was with me today, im in skeg with my mum, and the last time i came was with mark so it was so hard, i wrote this in pure tears, i got a fag out put it in my mouth and a berry out a tree fell on to my fag and it knocked it out my mouth, he used to pull um out my mouth as a joke lol, and then i was thinking is he at peice, i walked round the corner and there is a live statu woman as a gaurdien angel with big wings, well i cryed my heart out, but it felt like he was there xxxxx
10:34 am 04/09/2011


sorry man, heavy duty, I feel ya, damm

your a caring bloke and that's cool

dunno if it helps but I can honestly say I have struggled over the years with a few things, depression, old wounds, alcoholism, dysfunctional childhood shit, some would say mental illness, many failed relationships, etc etc. The few rare times the funky thought of ending myself occurred I guess I was fortunate to quickly realize I should just tough it out, too scared to do such a thing, ,,,,

I have known many peeps in recovery, mental hospitals, and yeah, just life in general. Life is hard sometimes, but everyone responds a certain way. Some cope, some use, some have family, love, some don't, some journal and vent, go out in nature, whatever to deal and live another day.

It is very sad and one often wonders why ? Says I could have helped !! The truth is that person made a choice, a hurtful one to them and even more so to those they left behind. Always the case.

It sucks.

I hope whatever I said does not offend and you have my true condolences.


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