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Installing Mint

6 comments, 3106 views, posted 11:01 pm 30/05/2012 in Linux & Open Source by griffin
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I was never happy with the last Ubuntu release, hated unity and ended up dicking around with different window managers, none of which did a decent job. It was like something somewhere got screwed up, and now everything on top was getting screwed up too.

However, I couldn't get WoT to run properly in Ubuntu, so the point was moot, I have spent the last six months in Windows. The other day I decided to perform the latest system upgrade to Ubuntu (to Obstreperous Otter, or Parsimonious Pinata, or whatever the latest is) and the sucker wouldn't even reboot. Dayum. So I decided to make a break and try something a little different. Mint will do nicely, and the release I'm trying is XFCE based, so it should be fast as hell. I looked at Arch, but I problems with that before, and after five minutes I hadn't found a complete install guide (including Xserver, window manager, etc.) so I said screw it. I want a distro that works so I can do some developing (and other things) on it, I don't want a distro that turns into a job in itself.

So, Mint.

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12:10 am 31/05/2012


You didn't look hard enough for an Arch guide:

I'm essentially a total noob, and I can get a desktop with openbox running in an hour or so, longer if you gotta fuck around with wireless drivers.

But Mint is also very nice and IMO much better than Ubuntu, especially nowadays

12:21 am 31/05/2012


I ran into some grub problems, which morphed into a missing root partition problem. Hmm. I hope it isn't disk failure.

12:31 am 31/05/2012


I just re-installed it, and the grub menu is ok. I also had to re-partition to specify the / partition. Just to say the unallocated space was in fact /. Weird. I will investigate further tomorrow. Right now it is time to KILL.

3:35 am 31/05/2012


Whatever happened with the partition seems to have been a one-off thing. It hasn't re-appeared in any case.
And yeah, the system is really fast. System load is much faster than windows.

7:28 am 31/05/2012


I first saw mint and learnt about it from DJ... he had installed it on his machine about 3 year ago... and that got me into trying it too.... couldn't install it... got my mbr damaged.... and finally gave up after much installation trials...

2:16 pm 31/05/2012


I'm having more problems with missing packages and applications. Apparent unresolvable dependency issues. I simply do not want to struggle to get a fucking os to do what I want. Bleah. Maybe installing the 64bit xfce edition wasn't a brilliant idea. I will try a more mainstream edition of mint.

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