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2 hours 45 minutes ago

GoPro: Epic Roof Top Jump 


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9 hours 7 minutes ago

Linux Sucks - 2014 

5pOxlazS3zs Related thread

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21 hours 12 minutes ago

Tiger Farming: Trading in Extinction 

Here i have an infographic by a UK animal welfare charity called the Born Free Foundation that aims

0 Comments • Created by Eavesy

23 hours 8 seconds ago

Special salad dressing for wankers 

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23 hours 10 minutes ago

Physicists make great parents 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

7:43 pm 30/07/2014

Where Animals Come From 

For billions of years, single-celled creatures had the planet to themselves, floating through the oceans in solitary bliss.

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

7:09 pm 30/07/2014

10 Things to Do With Banana Peels 

Perfect sliced on a bowl of cereal, blended in a smoothie, or just enjoyed by itself as an

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

5:54 pm 30/07/2014

40 Tourist Scams to Avoid 

1 Comments • Created by aion_z • Last post by marksyzm

1:31 pm 30/07/2014

Using a Magnetron to Create a Weapon 

So don't take a microwave apart. Don't. Take. A microwave. Apart. Don't do it. Don't! But if you

0 Comments • Created by aion_z

4:59 am 30/07/2014

$100 million sailboat 

See also: (yacht)

2 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by Edorph

9:52 pm 29/07/2014

No One Knows What's Causing These Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space 

Back in 2007, astronomers detected an incredibly brief, incredibly strong radio wave burst in Australia. And now, on

2 Comments • Created by mynameis • Last post by Quaektem

7:30 pm 29/07/2014

Perfect Poached Eggs 

because they are hard.. i mean really hard to do right.. i think its amazing that two of

7 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by dr3n

6:46 pm 29/07/2014

Magnetic Reversal 

The magnetic field of the Earth is often portrayed as a large magnet that runs through the center

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

5:44 pm 29/07/2014

Getting a Dog tomorrow...! 

Hi! Going to get a small Pug Puppy tomorrow. Have never owned a Pet, and this would the

6 Comments • Created by mohit_117 • Last post by mohit_117

5:13 pm 29/07/2014

When The Serbian Flag Flew Over The White House 

On July 28, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave the following message to the American people. It was read

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

5:02 pm 29/07/2014

Do Music Lessons Make You Smarter? 

Today I have a pretty interesting infographic from a London singing teacher website claiming that taking music lessons

1 Comments • Created by Eavesy • Last post by dr3n

9:51 am 29/07/2014

Daily chart: Battle scars of WWI 

How the first world war changed the world ON JULY 28th 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, beginning the

0 Comments • Created by marksyzm

11:18 pm 28/07/2014

Being an atheist requires faith!  

No. No it doesn't.

11 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by evolution

7:28 pm 28/07/2014

Former National MMA Champ Opens a Can of Whoop Ass 

0 Comments • Created by aion_z

3:44 pm 28/07/2014


purdy cool.. learn to play guitar as you watch..

0 Comments • Created by dr3n

2:56 pm 28/07/2014

100 Years 

2 Comments • Created by evolution • Last post by tricpe

10:36 am 28/07/2014

75 Years of Batman 

0 Comments • Created by aion_z

8:20 am 28/07/2014

Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD] 

sold.. akX3Is3qBpw

2 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by z0phi3l

6:54 am 28/07/2014

Tor received $1.8m from the US gov last year 

Earlier this month, Pando's Yasha Levine revealed that almost everyone involved in Tor was (or is) funded by

1 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by mynameis

6:33 am 28/07/2014

How Vaccine Fears Contributed to the Resurgence Of Preventable Diseases 

For most of us, measles and whooping cough are diseases of the past. You get a few shots

0 Comments • Created by aion_z