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4:36 pm 09/07/2016

3 hour ride, 3 day detour (N56k)

Last Tuesday, I took the bus to the south coast to get my motorbike out of, uh, winter storage. Yeah, I know it's high summer, but I've been busy! Normally the ride back to Oslo is 3-4 hours, but I decided to take some detours, and here are some photos from the trip.


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4:35 pm 30/06/2016

Enough with the politics, Czech out some photos instead (N56k)

Inspired by griffin's Vegas photos, so I'm sharing a couple from Prague two weeks ago. The kinds of places you go for many of the same reasons, I'd say! Went there for a bachelor party. No particularly interesting photos I'm afraid, but damn there's too much Brexit on the front page!


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10:59 pm 07/05/2016

Trains and fjords (N56k)

Bored, so I'm sharing some more photos. Back in February, a colleague from Australia came to work in Oslo for a few weeks. Oslo is pretty dull in the late winter, so we took the train across the mountain to Bergen and ferried around a bit in the fjords.


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7:52 pm 07/05/2016

'Hackathon' at the old observatory (N56k)

Every year, us nerds at work do a 'hackathon' at an old solar observatory. It's a pretty interesting place! Here are a few photos from this year.


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12:54 pm 17/01/2016

Strolling about..

Yesterday was a fantastic day, icy cold, but clear and calm, so I went for a walk in Holmekollen, a hill to the north west of the city centre.


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10:17 pm 04/10/2015

Some photos from today

I have some work on the west coast of the country this week, so what better way to get there than an autumn motorcycle ride?


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12:35 am 20/01/2014

A change of seasons N56k

I was lucky and got sent to Australia for a few weeks of work just before Christmas. From freezing Oslo to 35C Perth After the work was done, I explored the south-west coast for 12 days. Didn't bring a camera, but here are a some photos from the phone at least, and a stern warning not to buy LG Optimus 4 for its camera qualities.


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3:50 pm 21/10/2013


In an old solar observatory


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10:22 pm 04/10/2013

Rallarvegen last weekend (N56k)

Last weekend we had our annual "expedition" with work. The previous years' expeditions have been quite relaxed, but this year we did the "Rallarvegen" bicycle route. Not a relaxing weekend by any means, especially if you're an office bound code monkey for the rest of the year, let me tell you.


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12:22 am 26/08/2013

Numedal - Hardanger - Haukeli (N56k)

Some photos from my trip this weekend, from Oslo to Hardanger and back.


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8:52 pm 07/07/2013

A good Sunday too!

Some more photos from my little motorcycle trip this weekend.

Like I said in the other thread, it's been a looong time since I last did any trips on the motorcycle. Last year it stood in the garage most of the season, waiting for me to get off my ass and replace various things. Getting back out there for the first time in a year was like meeting an old friend again :-) Had a test run last weekend, and when I saw nothing but suns on the forecast on Saturday, it was time to dig out the yellow bag.


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9:15 pm 06/07/2013

A good Saturday!

It's been ages since I last had a proper weekend trip. Finally got around to fixing the bike and rode all day to our cabin.


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2:05 pm 05/05/2013

Floating monitors!

I pretend I needed it to allow for more variation in a static work day.. but the truth is I just thought it looked cool


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3:21 pm 18/09/2012

Some "expedition" photos from last weekend

New year, new "expedition". I didn't actually bring my camera this year, so these are all taken by colleagues.

We left the Oslo airport early Friday morning, heading for Bodø. There, we changed to a smaller plane which would take us to Andenes at Andøya (69.31 N, 16.11 E).


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7:02 pm 04/03/2012

Ski weekend (n56k)

Some photos from this weekend at Gaustablikk.


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