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11:42 pm 05/10/2011

September weekend with work [N56K]

Some photos from a weekend in september. We do an "expedition" with work every year, the past two years have been to the mountains, this year we went to the south coast (not far from where I'm from, actually). Some photos by me, some by my colleagues.

The trip started on Friday when we took the train early in the morning from Oslo to Kristiansand. It's about 4 hours, and much of the countryside along the railway is beautiful farmland, so it's a nice trip all in its own. In Kristiansand we boarded an old fishing boat.


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3:04 pm 21/09/2011

Exploring some backroads (blog test)

(Just testing the blog thingy)

I went exploring some backroads this weekend. Sometimes it feels like I've "used up" all the roads in Oslo's immediate vicinity, but once I head out there, I always find some forest roads crisscrossing the valleys and mountains between the main roads. I just have to let go of the notion that my bike is a street bike.


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8:07 pm 27/07/2007


Got my motorbike driver's license today!

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