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This silent God is struggling to find my nitche in life.  (there a bit more positive )

Update 11/10/18:
As I come upon my 49 revolution around the sun and 30 years as a carreed non-degreed fully employed senior level Electronics Technician, I find myself wanting to make a change but struggling to break a few bad habits I have seem to have developed that are holding me back a bit.  Nope the habits are not drugs/alchole or distructive in nature but anti social, depressive, lazy procrastination.  Combined with a couple heath issues I am slowly but surly working threw and a job that is forcing me to perform below my skill level I have not been able to get were I wanted to be.

However with that said I am hopefull 2019 will be a good year for the following reasons:
1.  I got passed up for a promotion I didnt really want but though (wrongly) that my boss was pushing me into.  Now I am free to explore other options with a slim chance that she passed me over for promotion to a management job because she has a more challenging tech position in the pipeline.  Either way I will be working to change my current taskings alot this year.  I also have been having several conversations with one of the Engineering managers and get the feeling that he respects my input and capabilites.  When I get a chance after the first of the year I am going to try and see if I can engage him in conversation about my future and see if he is interested in employing me or providing a Mentor.
2.  I have made up my mind that I can not continue to just exhist in a job I don't like and be a loner at home.  I either need to get a life or a much better job or both.  Status Quo is not working.
3.  Finally found a Dr. that has an idea about what is wrong with my back.  I may be getting injections and if it works will allow me to be able to jump out of bed and be more active quicker.  More hours not waiting for my back pain to ease and more energy should give me more hours in the day to get things done.
4.  I have determine that I will never get a degree.  With that said there is nothting stopping me from getting several certificates of completion and a long list of classes and skills listed on my resume.  I am however having trouble deciding what path to take and how to get started but I do have a plan and  a back up plan detailed to research further.

My plan is to use my 30 years of Electronics Technition skills with repair and support of advanced aircraft electronics and computer automated test equipement as a base knowledge set and add related capabilities to it in the hope I can land an Engineering Aid or Engineering Technician position.  Then use that to move into a Computer Hardware design, Computer Test Software design or Mechanical design position with experance and certifications in place of a degree.

It will take me a bit of trial and error to find out what I am really good at and what I can grow into the fastest.  I have some bread boarding and circuit simulation experiance some entry level computer and software understanding and I need to brush up and expand those a bit.  I also found a certification course at the junior college near by that offers CAD, 3D CAD, Circuit Board Design, CAD/CAM Machining with MasterCam.    If I can demostraight the ability to use a suite of Engineering Design Software, I may find a home working with Engineers that up till now have been using trial and error or pen and paper.  Up till now this company has been operating like they are a small company just out of the garage but things are changing fast and they will be expected to fully document and provide proof of concept in detail moving forward instead of the build it and show it works approach they have been using.  If I cant get any traction I will be moving to another company by 2020.

On the software programming side I can take a LabView graphic programming course, Python, Linux, C++, Java.  At the same time I can dive into the world of inbedded circuit desing and grow with that as my software skills grow.

Who knows maybe by 2020 aliens will show up and I can get my memory and cybernetic implants making me qualified for an earth exchange program interning on there space ship

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