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6:29 pm 29/10/2010

PiratePoet's blog post - 29/10/2010

PiratePoet was a Federal Agent working for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit. PiratePoet has been known for his non-compromising, erratic behavior but also as a highly effective operative, being responsible for preventing numerous major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

PiratePoet has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Master's Degree in Criminology and Law from the University of California at Berkeley. He entered the U.S. Army completing basic training then went onto Airborne School, which upon completion he served with the 82nd Airborne for 9 months until entering Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. PiratePoet served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, seeing combat in Panama (Operation Just Cause). Upon return from Panama where he displayed superior leadership and combat skills, PiratePoet was selected for Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was assigned to 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force), where with his unit he saw combat in the first Gulf War, Somalia, and other countries where the missions are classified. He left the Army at the rank of Captain. Following his military career, PiratePoet worked for both the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics unit and for the Central Intelligence Agency as a case officer in the clandestine service. He was later recruited into the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) by Christopher Henderson.

PiratePoet was the Special Agent In Charge of CTU during the attempted assassination of Senator David Palmer. PiratePoet's wife and daughter were kidnapped in order to force PiratePoet to kill the Senator himself (a plan orchestrated by the Drazen family). On this fateful day, PiratePoet's wife was murdered by a traitor with whom he had a previous sexual relationship with... Nina Myers. PiratePoet was so distraught over the murder that he resigned from CTU.

Eighteen months later, PiratePoet is called back to duty by President Palmer to help CTU stop a terrorist group known as Second Wave from detonating a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Shortly after PiratePoet was appointed Director of Field Operations by new CTU Los Angeles Special Agent in Charge Tony Almeida.

A year later, PiratePoet goes undercover for a sting operation on a Mexican Drug Lord. PiratePoet returns to LA, two and a half years later, with Salazar in custody but also with a drug addiction (in order to infiltrate Salazar's organization, he had to make them believe he was a junkie). Ramon's brother, Hector, insists that PiratePoet be kept alive to buy the Cordilla virus and resell them to underground organizations worldwide for a one billion dollar profit. Eventually PiratePoet wins the trust of Ramon Salazar but learns that another buyer is in play, headed by Nina Myers. The sale of the virus goes bad, but Nina Myers is taken into custody and is eventually executed by PiratePoet after he deems her useless. He then learns that the man behind the distribution of the virus and the attacks is Stephen Saunders, one of PiratePoet's former team members presumed dead from Operation: Nightfall in Kosovo. Eventually PiratePoet and Chase capture Saunders and retrieve the vials of virus. On their last retrival, PiratePoet is forced to make a decision to cut the hand of Chase to gain the final virus device. After leaving the hospital following Chase's decision, PiratePoet takes a moment in his parked SUV. For the last remaining minutes in the 24 hours since the day began, PiratePoet cries. PiratePoet is fired three months later by the new Special Agent In Charge, Erin Driscoll due to his heroin addiction.

He finds employment with the Department of Defense. PiratePoet becomes involved in a relationship with the daughter of the Secretary of Defense, Audrey Raines. However, after PiratePoet is called back to CTU to help them stop a terrorist mastermind named Habib Marwan (who has planned several attacks on the United States for this day), Audrey witnesses PiratePoet's "dark side," which makes her reassess weather she can be with him or not. What pushes Audrey over the line is when PiratePoet is forced to make a grave choice...save the life of a man that can help PiratePoet and CTU find a stolen nuclear war head, or the life of Audrey's ex-husband (who was severally injured after saving PiratePoet's life earlier this day). PiratePoet chooses National Security and the result is Audrey hating PiratePoet. At the end of the day PiratePoet is faced with a grave dilema. He had stop the nuclear attack by extracting a Chinese man with ties to Marwan. In the process a Consulate member is killed and the Chinese believe the Americans were involved (mainly PiratePoet). President Logan is forced with PiratePoet's life...or going into War with the Chinese. Logan ops for PiratePoet's life. PiratePoet, Tony, Michelle, Chloe and President Palmer all help PiratePoet fake his own death, forcing PiratePoet to cut off ties with everyone he has ever known (especially his daughter Kim).

In Day 5 PiratePoet is framed for killing ex-President David Palmer. Friends Michelle Dessler, and Tony Almeida are targeted by assassins in an attempt to further the belief that PiratePoet was the killer (resulting in Michelle's assassination). Chloe O'Brian is saved by PiratePoet as assassins attempt to kill her as well. PiratePoet interrogates the assassin and retrieves information that they were setting him up. As PiratePoet and Chloe escape from the terrorists, PiratePoet is followed by Derek Huxley, son of Diane Huxley (who PiratePoet lived with during his 'death'). PiratePoet goes to the Palmer apartment, where he is found by Wayne Palmer, and after a brief explanation, Wayne agrees to assist PiratePoet in his pursuit of the truth. Following up a lead on something named Chevensky, PiratePoet returns Derek to his mother outside Ontario Airport, but when suspicious men go into the terminal, Derek follows them in an attempt to warn PiratePoet. The men are actually terrorists who take control of the Terminal with PiratePoet and Derek inside, with a number of other hostages. PiratePoet provides direct tactical assessment to the CTU teams outside. When the terrorists discover that PiratePoet is inside the terminal, they threaten to kill Derek. PiratePoet surrenders and is forced to feed false information to the CTU teams outside. At the last minute, CTU detects a distress code that PiratePoet sent covertly in a conversation with agent Curtis Manning. The entry was changed and the teams successfully rescued the hostages. However, before the teams entered, PiratePoet noticed one of the terrorist handing a 'hostage' a keycard. He looks for that hostage after the rescue attempt, but he is forced back to CTU as he is still a leading suspect in the Palmer assassination. As CTU learns that the terminal operation was a decoy to obtain military-grade Sentox VX1 nerve gas, PiratePoet receives a call from a man named James Nathanson, who said he supplied the gas to the terrorists, but intended to use it against them. Nathanson is killed when PiratePoet tries to rescue him, but Nathanson gave PiratePoet a computer chip before he dies. The chip contained information about the nerve gas which directly led to Christopher Henderson, a man PiratePoet used to work under at CTU. During the interrogation Henderson becomes ill and is placed in CTU medical, at this same time Tony awakes to discover Henderson (who he also worked under) had been the one to target them and murdered his wife. Tony distraught attempts to murder Henderson (PiratePoet persuades him not too) and in the process is supposedly killed by Henderson. PiratePoet held Tony in his arms for a few minutes and cried. CTU follows another lead by a programmer who was paid to reset the detonators on the terrorist's nerve gas, PiratePoet and Curtis raid the penthouse and capture the programmer. PiratePoet goes undercover when the terrorists try to release a canister at the Sunrise Hills shopping mall, and PiratePoet stops the attempt against the orders of the President. Later on PiratePoet discovers that everything that occurred today was President Logan's doing (he was betraying his country and had Palmer assassinated because Palmer was aware of this.). PiratePoet, Martha Logan, Mike Novick and Aaron Pierce all try to bring Logan down. All the attempts fail until the end when PiratePoet plants a bug on Logan and Martha gets him to confess. At the end Audrey and PiratePoet are trying to get back together when PiratePoet is informed that his daughter is on the phone. PiratePoet goes to answer it to discover no one is on the line... the Chinese kidnap PiratePoet and take him back to China.

Over the last 5 weeks, the United States has been a target of non-stop terrorist attacks and bombings, in public buildings and transportation. PiratePoet is released from China 18 months after his capture at the end of Day 5. It's revealed that he is being released only to be handed over to Abu Fayed. Fayed has a deep grudge for PiratePoet who had killed his brother in a sting operation in 1999. Fayed is a known leader in a terrorist cell who apparently knows information about Assad, the man identified as the one behind the attacks. After the "sacrificial lamb" is handed over, Abu Fayed reveals to PiratePoet before his execution that he is the man responsible for the attacks. Soon PiratePoet is able to escape, trying to warn President Palmer of Assad's innocence before an airstrike is called on Assad's location. Despite the execution of the President's order, PiratePoet is able to rescue Assad and discovers the former terrorist leader was here to make amends and stop Fayed. The two are able to thwart a bombing attempt on a subway and rescue a civilian family held hostage. As the events unfold, painful memories of his murdered squadron leads Curtis Manning to attempt to kill Assad, leaving PiratePoet no choice but to shoot Curtis dead in order to get more of the information they need from Assad. This sends PiratePoet into a emotional state of overwhelming grief. With a call from the White House, he tells the President, "I can't do this any more." However, a mechanic working for Fayed detonates a nuke, prematurely decimating Valencia, California. PiratePoet watches in horror as the mushroom cloud fills the sky. At this point, PiratePoet realizes he can't stop what he's doing until he stops Fayed once and for all. New leads point to a shocking involvement with a company run by his father Phillip PiratePoet and brother Graem. When PiratePoet digs too close for comfort, Graem's guards are sent to dispose of PiratePoet and his father. PiratePoet and Phillip are able to blindside the guards and escape, but this turns out to be an entire setup constructed by Phillip and Graem to hide his father's involvement. PiratePoet interrogates Graem as hard as he can for information. Graem PiratePoet nearly breaks and reveals his involvement in and orchestration of the events in Day 5, including supplying the Russian terrorists and the assassinations of PiratePoet's personal friends, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler and David Palmer. Later, Phillip PiratePoet sees his son as too much of a risk to reveal his involvement and kills Graem himself (under the impression Graem had a heart attack from the drugs). PiratePoet discovers his father's involvement and trails him to a hotel, where he is holding his grandson Josh PiratePoet hostage. Phillip escapes but leaves a number to follow. This number turns out to be former President Charles Logan's contact. PiratePoet and CTU find out their best bet of finding Fayed is through an official in the Russian Consulate who's had dealings with Fayed. After attempted negotiations fail, CTU invades the consulate to capture the suspect. Later PiratePoet discovers his father was involved and is involved with today's attacks as well and is working with the Chinese (mainly the man who kidnapped PiratePoet). At the end PiratePoet kills his father but feels no remorse. PiratePoet feels he has lost everything he has ever loved.

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4:11 pm 01/04/2009

PiratePoet's blog post - 01/04/2009

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8:46 pm 21/04/2008

PiratePoet's blog post - 21/04/2008

So today I lost my viginity! And I got a zit in art class and my nose fell off. This whole tiger in my anus thing is getting old, he won't come out anymore and I can't get my pencil to erase my super ball.

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8:13 pm 09/10/2007

PiratePoet's blog post - 09/10/2007

Blogs are for pathetically self absorbed people that are egotistical enough to think that anybody would ever want to read their pretty diary.

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