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5:43 am 05/10/2011

Freshly displaced dog is a previous Harry Potter actor

For animal actors, just like human actors, appearing in a featuring role doesn't imply they're set for life. An animal shelter in the UK has a new resident. The German Shepherd that performed as Padfoot in the Harry Potter movies is ready to be adopted. Article resource: Former Harry Potter dog actor homeless

Displaced canine from a movie

Ten year old Berry is a German Shepherd. He performed in "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban” as Padfoot. Stuntman Paul Thompson owned and took care of Berry. Porridge, a 13-year-old partner, was also owned by Thompson. After deciding that he simply no longer had the time to care for the animals, Thompson ditched them off at the German Shepherd Pet Rescue charity. Neither of the dogs has been adopted yet, although they would best be adopted together.

Biography just released

The biography will be released for Rin Tin Tin. He was a German Shepherd who was well-known in the 1920s and 1930s. The tale is one that covers World War I and the fledgling movie industry. Rin Tin Tin passed away leaving news corporations something to write about. All media businesses covered the death. Run Tin Tin is known for being the first big star for animals. He wasn’t the first to do so.

Modern movie actors

Every year, the American Humane Association has to view all film and television productions to make sure the animals are being taken care of. There are over 2,000 to view. For many film producers, animal actors are often found in shelters. Animal actors often times retire in shelters. Either that or they're sent to a residence. For Berry the German Shepherd, if not a soul adopts him, he will live out his retirement at the German Shepherd Pet Rescue, which is a no-kill shelter.

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7:38 am 01/04/2011

Distributed Denial of Service attack shuts down Wordpress.com

In the last week, Denial of Service attacks have been the biggest headline in the tech world. Wordpress.com was the victim of a very coordinated strike. The belief of the WordPress team is that the strike was motivated by arguments with a political blog hosted on the site. All blogs offered on the Wordpress.com platform were brought down by the attack. Online websites using WordPress as a self-hosted blogging platform, however, were not impacted. Article resource - Public blogging platform WordPress hit by DDoS attack by Adworkz.

Taking down WordPress.com with Distributed Denial of Service

Thursday, WordPress.com got hit by a denial of service attack. It was a huge one. You will find three large server farms that host WordPress.com, which is owned by WordPress Foundation. Part of the DDoS strike had gigabits of data sent. The WordPress servers received this data. The WordPress DDoS strike was larger than expected, although well-known sites have DDoS attacks often. The attack brought on WordPRess.com websites to go down. This was intermittent.

Reason big websites persisted

The DDoS strike didn’t affect websites such as CNN.com, Wired and Flickr even though they all run on WordPress. This is because they're WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, web sites. The program from WordPress is used on online websites for instance Wired and CNN. They use WordPress as a content manager. The difference is between the site and program. Having a WordPress program and owning a d WordPress.com website turn out to be different things. WordPress.com blogs are hosted by the WordPress Foundation on its website. WordPress.org blogs and sites, on the other hand, are hosted on the company’s own servers. Any website using WordPress would not be affected by a WordPress.com DDoS strike.

Network security costs

It is really important to have network security in order to protect from Distributed Denial of Service and hacker attacks. Using WordPress.com as a larger service is where small businesses and individuals will outsource that security. You will find several hosting services that offer network security protection. This is available at some of them. Keeping a site accessible takes lots of time, money and work to do though for large businesses that have their own web sites considering sending gigabits worth of traffic is easy.

Information from

PC World


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