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8:43 am 30/08/2011

What is this? + some Blog Whoring

What is this blog of which everyone speaks? This is purely a test to see what happens when I type something for my TBlog.

Actually I do have a little trinket to share with everyone, I have another blog (clickey) which I dearly love, but I feel like I haven't been doing it justice lately. All most as if all my posts have become watered down and sloppy.

So I want to take a Leave of absence, but I don't want to lose the momentum I have built up with it. Tough place to be.

So in short, if someone else wants to get their Writing skills out there I will be more than willing to post it for you on my blog. Basically I'm whoring out my real blog with my new blog.

I'm such a blog pimp. Don't hate the blogger hate the game, hey wait, the game. I just got that. Dammit.

Aiden Out

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