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2:45 am 13/12/2007

A Break!

Finals are over and I get a few weeks off. That's means work. I'll get to freeze my ass off and make money just to turn around and give it to the university. At least I'll get a chance to work on my Jeep projects and relax. I'd like to get my Xbox 360 back from microsoft asap, so I can play Ace Combat 6. Maybe I even do some black powder hunting.

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2:44 am 28/04/2007


Well, Finals are over and I'm done with classes until September. I'll be working full time over this summer and I should be able to get some work done on my other Jeep and a few other projects. Since I'll be at my parent's house while I work, I won't be around nearly as much as I currently am. I'll stop in, but more on a weekly basis rather then daily. Everyone enjoy their summer, I know I will.

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6:52 am 26/02/2007

albatros_3's blog post - 26/02/2007

Me: "Damn, I need to do something to this place. It's so empty and boring."
Brain: "WTF?"
Me: "Hello, is anybody there?"
Brain: "Do your IME 326 or IME 281 Homework!"
Me: "Can you hear me?"
Brain: "Damnit, I want to go to sleep."
Me: "I wonder when Family Guy comes on?"
Brain: "You're f**ked up. You need some focus."
Me: "Oh boy! History Channel!"

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